Friday, 30 March 2012

Food Waste Friday

"Trying To Reduce Food Waste One Day At A Time!"

It is Friday, which means it is that time of the week again – Food Waste Friday (imagine Vegas style show girls prancing at this point to organ music and a cheesy crooner!)

After last week's success, I am back down to earth this week with a nasty bump.

3 items got thrown today.

Gravy left over from a meal last weekend. With it’s stealth technology, it holed up on the bottom shelf behind some butter packs. Probably trying for long term notoriety in the fridge fraternity.

Also the dregs of a bottle of milk that went out of date on Tuesday. It made close friends with a tomato left over from some work lunches that I bought back last Friday from the office. I like to think they had a doomed love affair and committed fridge suicide together, rather than be parted.

A Purchase
I am always trying to make what I have last longer, but after 4 months I have finally given up on this make up bottle. It is well and truly bereft of any foundation after soaking in hot water, shaking and some general cursing and threats.

I have been buying Christian Dior foundation for years, it is currently £28.50 per 30ml bottle.

For 12 months in 2011 when money was very tight for me I gave up my favourite brand and used max factor instead but at £14 per tub, I realised I was buying it every month. Nope, no money saving there. So at the beginning of December I bought it again and today it has finally run out. Equates to £7.13 per month.

£28.50 is a lot to spend on a bottle of foundation, so I decided to try a different brand and after reading up I decided to look at Benefit “Hello Flawless” – hey who does not want to look flawless at 35? It was a bit cheaper at £24.50 for 30ml. Off I trotted at lunchtime today and got them to colour match it to my existing choice. She then applied it to the whole of my face. Perfect, I liked the coverage and the tone.

I casually mentioned that their website was offering two free testers with every purchase and would she do the same. “Of course” came the reply. I explained I was coming to Benefit to save money and then the piece de resistance, House of Fraser has a 2 day event on 10% off all purchases so the final price was £22.05. She also gave me 4 moisturiser testers. Brilliant, £6.45 saved on my purchase and some freebies. I can most definitely live with that.
Plus inside the foundation box was a pore reduction tester.

What have you got reduced / free recently?

Frugally Yours

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  1. Looks like a good week to me. I don't think that small amount of milk even counts.


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