Friday, 2 March 2012

Shopping Addendum

It is Friday! I love a Friday and my friends are arriving.

Just a quick update on the food shopping this month.

I went to the market at lunchtime today and finished the food shop.

I spent £15.51 on this little lot, all my fruit and veggies.

Plus what you cannot see is the 2lb of stewing steak at the back I picked up for £5. No fat on in at all so should make a lovely Beef and Ale pie tomorrow.

So currently monthly March food budget sits at £50.66 spent.

However I should have enough meat for about 8 further meals.

Dammit, just realised I forgot to get the chicken for Sunday!

Have a great weekend folks!

Frugally yours

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  1. You could always make a beef and potato pie or use half for the beef and ale and use the rest finely chopped/mince as a shepherds pie,chilli con carne, spab bol, curry?


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