Thursday, 1 March 2012

Debt Reduced.

It is Pay Day, and that means I can tackle "The Debt" again.

I made £100 net in commission on top of my salary this month, pretty poor, but better than a poke in the eye with a bent stick, plus last week I had an expenses cheque for £150 which cleared this morning.

The result.....MY CAR LOAN IS PAYED OFF - 1 month early!!! So happy.

I transferred first thing this morning (actually whilst lying in bed, I have an App for that) £223 through to pay it off completely. What a way to start the day! Got up and shimmied my way to the bathroom for my morning ablutions.

It did not leave much left to pay off the credit cards this month, but now I can really start hitting them in April.

Here is my new March statement.

Car Loan,       Was £223      Paid £223     New Balance £0 (aka zilch, zero nada)
Credit Card 1, Was £479.52 Paid £29.39  New Balance £450.13 (+ interest)
Credit Card 2, Was £660.00 Paid £26       New Balance £634 (interest free)
Overdraft,      Was £300      Paid £0         New Balance £300

Starting Debt: £1990
Feb Total: £1662.88
March Total: £1384.13
Amount Paid off this month: £278.39
Percentage paid this month: 13.98%
Total Percentage Paid off: 30.44%

I also transferred £200 into my savings account and have paid my monthly service charge of £35.48.

I am now going to starting hitting Credit Card 1 as that is costing me £3 / month in interest. I want it gone by June at the latest.

As a little treat I bought myself that bread book I blogged about yesterday from Amazon - 1p total with P&P - £2.81

I just want to make everything in here even though I do not have a bread machine. Now I know the basics of bread making I can still follow the recipes.

Forgot my bread for lunch again today, so had a sandwich  from Subway - £3.

I feel in the last few days I have fallen off the wagon. I have not been running around spending money unnecessarily, but I do think I have taken my eye off the ball somewhat. So after my visitors this weekend it is back to boot camp. £5 for 5 days etc.

Isn't life great?
Frugally yours


  1. Life is always great, especially when getting rid of debt. Make sure you double check your car loan, (next month) as sometimes they add an admin charge!

    1. Very pertinent advice.
      However, I have been very lucky and the loan was from my brother in law interest free over 18 months. I have paid on the dot every month and now paid it off early.
      I am a very lucky girl!

  2. That's wonderful news! Now that you'll be able to put the carloan payment towards your credit card debt it will be paid off in no time.

  3. Well done! I bet you must be so pleased. Keep going and it won't be long til they are all gone.

  4. I really am thrilled -thanks so much for your encouragement. It means a lot. x


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