Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Monthly March Budget and More Bread!

It is (hopefully) Pay Day tomorrow, I always get so excited at the thought of Pay Day.

I can pay back more debt! Yippee!

I have been setting out my budget for March. It is a little unusual this month as it is a 5 week sales period for me so I will have to ensure that I allow a little more.

I always put aside my bills money on the first of the month which covers mortgage, insurance, tv license etc.

Petrol - £230. I allowed £200 last month, which turned out to be just over what I needed for 4 weeks.

Food - £100. I need to restock, plus I have 2 sets of guests visiting in March.

Savings - £200. A little bit more than last month, but I am prepared to take out £50 if needed at the end of the month if necessary.

This hopefully allows me a weekly budget of £25 to cover any extra costs.

I also have to buy 5 tickets this month to various events and exhibitions I am attending. Total cost £76.50 though £47.50 will be reimbursed by others who I am buying the tickets for.

March is going to be another tight month. But that means debt is getting paid off. Most definitely a good thing.

I have started the ramping up ready for my visitors on Friday. The 2yo will not give two hoots about the state of my flat, but I really want his Mum to feel it is clean and welcoming. Let the cleaning commence!

So this evening I started the necessary preparations.

Here is my shopping, which I have done a day early so tomorrow is not a race when I get home from work.

 Spent £35.15
I will be buying some vegetables / fruit and meat too, but getting that from my local market on Friday where it is cheaper and I can buy smaller quantities to suit my needs.

I also started on the bread that I need for the weekend, making a loaf and these gorgeous thyme and honey rolls. The recipe came from this book, I have been very kindly lent by a friend at my evening class.

 I think they look pretty tasty.

I am becoming cheeky in my old age and asking people if I can borrow items rather than buying them. If I like a few of the recipes then I will copy them out and return the book. I asked if I could have it for 2 weeks. My friend said I could keep it longer, but 2 weeks to me seems a reasonable length of time.

Speak to you tomorrow.

Frugally yours


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