Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Weekly Menu Plan, Blown.

I am really glad that I spent the time organising the weekly menu yesterday, because today I can blow it out of the water.

To explain, today as the whole western world knows, is Valentine's Day. I remembered and popped round to The Chap's this morning to pop his card under his wiper so it would be found later.

The Chap offered to pay for a take away, but as he has paid for a lot recently I said "No" and offered to do something. Turns out The Chap is not fond of Mr Brains Fagots, the only way I could cook something quick when I got home and allow us both to eat the same meal. Plus I did not think egg and chips would make the grade tonight.

After much texting it has been decided I will pick up a cooked chicken from Tesco which I can then serve with mash, peas and gravy - all of which I do have in stock.

Whilst it is an extra £4.50 from the food budget, I can adapt as a cooked chicken will do me many many meals plus soup. However that means no Fagots again (are they ever going to get eaten?) and basically junking the menu plan for the next few days at least. I do need to grab some more flour too.

Whilst buying a cooked chicken is a waste of money, I know I could buy fresh and then cook it, I think I can justify the extra £1.50 as at least I will not have to wait ages for it to cook, and as I get in at 7pm tonight, I think we will want to eat fairly swiftly as we will both be hungry.

Also I have spent all of my £5 pocket money today after an NSD yesterday. One trip to Poundland - Crisps, Coke, Sugar, Washing Up Liquid and Bin Bags - Total £5 BUT the Sugar / washing up liquid / Bags are for the office so I can claim them back on end of month expenses. So perhaps, I can say only spent £2 so far?

I am well within budget for food so far with enough to pay for petrol and extras in the bank account. So with just over 2 weeks to go, it is all looking good.

A Little Bit of Love
I always look forward to seeing The Chap, we have only been together (very nearly) 9 months and I just think he is the kindest, most handsome man I have ever met. I cannot believe I have been so lucky. And we were introduced by The Chap's best friend's mum who I go to evening class with! Small world!

Frugally yours

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  1. Hi, have posted a bread making tutorial plus someone else's if you are interested. Your budget is still going well, don't panic.


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