Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Today is Pancake Day, I will not be indulging this evening, as I am off to College after work and will not return home until late.

Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday when Lent begins, and historically the day when one uses up all your fats before a 40 day period of fasting ending at Easter.

This is not a religious blog, but I thought you may be interested in learning where the tradition of Pancake Day came from. It was our medieval ancestors using up the last of the eggs,sugar etc before fasting.

I think Lent is a really good idea whether you are cash strapped or cash rich. You will appreciate what you have.

So I am going to use the next 40 days to set some mini tasks for myself

1)Give up crisps for 40 days.
2)Save a few pennies every day into the Rainy Day Jar.
3)Reconcile W Towers Accounts.
4) Weed W Towers.
5) Remove Ivy from W Towers.

My decision to bake bread is also in full swing

These will not reduce my debt or increase my savings significantly, however it will simplify my life and point me in the right fiscal direction.

2 No Spend Days in a row, (today & yesterday) so my £5 for 5 days is still intact.

I am also currently completing my work expenses form which I forgot to do last month. So hopefully my cheque should be quite healthy in a couple of days. It will all go in the pot for month end when I will again tackle my personal debt.

Enjoy your pancakes.

Frugally Yours

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