Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Book Review and A Frugal Menu Plan

I have had the afternoon off work and it has been bliss, well apart from the dentist - 2 fillings and I cried like a baby throughout. Pathetic, I know. But behind me and the £30 spent. But another appointment booked for 6months time. I hate going, but I always turn up as not going could lead to worse problems.

I have recently finished reading "And The Band Played On" By Christopher Ward for Book Club on Monday. What an excellent read. It is a true story written by the grandson of one of the band members who died when the Titanic sunk. It starts with the sinking and gives a vivid account of the sinking and the effects of the cold water on those unlucky souls who did not find refuge in a lifecraft.

It documents the personal disaster of his family, and what happened to his body. It also shows the effects of class on the rescue attempt and retrieval of bodies. But, what makes this book so powerful (apart from the photographs) is the longterm effects this led to as his grandmother was pregnant but unmarried and documents the dark side of this maritime tragedy. The greed that was apparent. If I could recommend one book this month, this would definitely be it. I read it over 2 nights and was engrossed.


I mentioned yesterday I have a friend coming down with her 2 yo on Friday for the weekend and since I get paid at the end of the week I have been finalising my shopping list ready for pay day. I wanted to be able to serve food that would be both plentiful, frugal and tasty. However, I also wanted to ensure that what I cooked, the left overs could then be frozen and used as a meal later in the month. This is the finished plan

Menu Plan
Friday Night - Homemade pizza with easy crust from all recipes - ham onion and mushroom. Excess dough can then be frozen.
Saturday Morning - Homemade thyme and honey buns
Saturday Lunchtime -We are out, so ham s/w with lemon / banana cake currently sitting frozen in the freezer
Saturday Evening - Homemade beef and ale pie. I already have the Guinness so only need to purchase some stewing steak. This can then be put into the slow cooker whilst we are out ready to serve with a pastry top after the boy has gone to bed. Fish fingers for him.
Sunday Breakfast - Pancakes - TBC
Sunday Lunch - A chicken dinner which then should serve me for about 3 / 4 nights after.

Hopefully this will keep the expenditure down on food, but also provide me with at least 6 - 8 additional meals later on in March.

Frugally Yours


  1. YOur menu plan looks very delicious x

  2. Thank you, I always worry what I like may not suit others. But I have checked and my visitor likes it all. Phew!


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