Sunday, 5 February 2012

Menu Plan and £5 Challenge

Sunday again.....?
I have had my first ever No Spend Weekend! What a result. I bought a few things I documented yesterday on Friday on the way home and then avoided all shops for 48 hours. So proud of myself. In actual fact the snow was the reason. I did not want to get caught out, so I got everything I needed (not wanted, just needed) then avoided shops. Besides which, it has been to cold and snowy to venture too far from home.

The snow came down for a few hours on Saturday afternoon and evening and gave us about 3inches here in Staffordshire. The roads look pretty clear now, so hopefully getting to work tomorrow should not be too difficult. Though the forecast is prediciting snow for later this week. Gosh, I hope they are wrong.

I have spent the afternoon cleaning W Towers, doing the ironing and generally returning everything which had migrated to it's rightful place.

I went to grab the cleaning stuff and noticed how bad the cupboard was..

So I got everthing out an gave it a clean..

Menu Plan
Sunday - Sausage Casserole made yeserday in the slow cooker
Monday - left over sausage casserole
Tuesday - something quick, probably spaghetti on toast
Wednesday - Burger and veg
Thursday - Baked potato with Spicy Mackerel
Friday - Roast chicken dinner

This week is going to be really tight for money and I am going to try and exist on £5 until Friday. I have lunches already set, so hopefully the £5 should cover me for drinks etc this week whilst at work. I need to put petrol in the car tomorrow, but that has been budgeted for.

Fingers crossed!

If you do have more snow round by you or if everyone gets blanketed again, then take care driving folks. And whilst it is a good idea to try and turn your heating down, don't freeze will you?

Right off for a bath to warm up then going to watch Top Gear whilst hugging a hot water bottle.

Frugally yours

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