Friday, 10 February 2012

Making Life Simpler

Being thrifty and not spending it is constant struggle, two evenings of not putting the heating on. Making £5 last 5 days to cut down on unnecessary spending. It is all aimed at the ultimate goal, paying off the credit cards, overdraft and loan.
Every day I think "How can i reduce it?"

But, so far what I seem to be missing is the other goal of this blog, making life simpler.

This is where everything comes together, by paying off my credit cards, loan and overdraft I am making life simpler. But, also by not "buying" (if you excuse the pun) into the culture of of our throw away society it appears to me that suddenly life becomes simpler. One pair of black high heels are enough, and they do not need to be Jimmy Choo. I have come across a few saying recently that have really resonated with me, and I wanted to share them with you. Something to think about during this cold and rather bleak weekend facing us.

The first is courtesy of my sister
"Happiness doesn't come from getting something you do not comes from recognising it comes from something you have"

The second is an old Spanish proverb.
"Take want you want, says God, Take it and pay for it"

I realise now that that my friends do not care what labels I am wearing, and that my home does not look worse for not purchasing some little trinket for it.

Paying back debt is hard, but in doing so I am finding a simpler life and hopefully will ensure I do not face this situation again in the future.

Life is good.

Food Waste - None, Zil, Zero and Nada. Yabadabdoo!!!!!

Any ideas Dear Friend, what else I could do to make my life simpler?

Frugally yours

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  1. Lovely quote from your sister. I think I am going to write that on a little card and put it up around my home. So pleased I found your blog. Enjoying reading all your older posts.


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