Monday, 20 February 2012

An Ode to Shoes!

However fat I keep getting, and if I ever get any slimmer, my shoes the dear old friends will still always fit.
I have been struggling today to think about what I wanted to talk about, and suddenly when I got home it came to me as I opened the!

Every woman who has ever lived loves those little colourful wisps we float around in every day. We have suffered burning soles from high heels and crushed toes from pointed ends. And we have never complained at their price, for you see shoes are like food for me.... except they feed my soul.

I cannot begin to imagine how much I have spent over the years on the. Look at these.

They still have the receipt in the box £327. Hideous price, but Oh My! Aren't they beautiful?

I liked one pair of gold mules so much I bought them in silver gold and black. Well, I could not decide which I liked best. They are though sitting down shoes as they rub.

I also purchased these a year or so ago. High and elegant, I have to admit I also bought them in nude too.

Let us not forget the boots...

These are designed to be worn without socks so your feet can be seen through the suede lattice work.

But now in this recession damned times, buying shoes is an indulgence I cannot afford. Perhaps I do have enough to keep me going a little while...

However, fear not Dear Visitor, I can been able to purchase 2 pairs recently that have not stretched the bank balance and can be justified by this "Simply Thrifty" Miss.

These are Kurt Geiger, at Christmas a glossy mag had a voucher inside for £20 off a pair off KG shoes, so I ordered these babies delivered for a grand total of £12. So pretty and perhaps more wearable than some of my other babies.

But, this is the pair that motivated me to post today.

For you see I bought these over Christmas and forgot about them putting them in a bag in the boot of the car.There they stayed until this weekend when I cleared the car.

Completely unworn Autograph high heeled shiny black shoes, so wearable at work or on an evening out. And I got them from a Charity shop in S Staffordshire between Christmas and New Year for the grand sum of £3.49. Perfect fit.
The shoe Gods were smiling on me.

And whilst the Jimmy Choos pictured at the beginning will always be the pair I love the most. Well, these little babies come in a close second.

Please do not criticise me for my old fetish for footware. I have learnt the error of my ways and I know I cannot indulge in any more spending sprees, but maybe you will allow this woman to occasionally stroke my collection, or even maybe visit a shoe shop if I promise not to buy another pair until the debt is cleared?

Another No Spend Day today.

Frugally Yours


  1. Wow, I can't imagine you would ever need to buy anymore shoes! Shoes don't hold any appeal for me but I can see the appeal of such beautiful things to others. For me they are simply utilitarian. I have 2 pairs of comfy sandals, 1 pair of long boots, 1 pair of ankle boots and 1 pair of walking boots. I'm looking to replace the ankle boots as they are coming apart. I can't wear normal shoes as I have very sensitive heels.

    1. My feet are getting a bit more sensitive too nowadays, and my arches have dropped, the Dr said I need to wear flats, I said "I'd rather die!" ho ho ho!
      You, I am sure have the best idea, but I still love them all.
      However, in Sept saw a woman break her leg in 3 places by falling over in 3inch platforms. Kind of made me think.

  2. I must wear sensible shoes for work. When not at work, the shoes come out! I used to be a shoe snob. But suddenly cheaper shoes are fitting better. I mean WalMart is doing 1/2 sizes! A rare and mythical thing in my part of the world.

    1. Now I so rarely buy shoes apart from 6-12M new work shoes. Cost is king. It is such a shame as I love shoes.
      If you are on your feet all day as I suspect you are at work, then I absolutely agree comfort is paramount.
      Thanks for visiting 50 & counting.


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