Monday, 13 February 2012

Menu Plan and a 6 Week Challenge

I would love the world to believe I am one of life's natural Chefs / Bakers with a bottle of white truffe oil in my staples cupboard. I would be able to whisk up a culinary delight consisting of pine nuts, lemon grass and organic venison aged for 30 days in wood chips.

This is far from the truth.

I can cook but it takes effort and concentration, I do not glide along in the kitchen with a dainty laugh and an artistic flour smudge on my cheek. I hump stuff around searching for counter space and have to throw every 4 th leek medallion into the bin as it has richocheted off the knife before spinning to a stop in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Comedy aside, I am not a disaster however neither am I the natural of my Mother.

So a challenge I believe is in order. For the next 6 weeks until the end of March I will not purchase any bread but make it / bake it all myself. Bit nervous about this, however lets face it, my bread making skills need to improve and unless forced I will carry on keeping Hovis in 1940s style bikes the foreseeable future.

Menu Plan
Breakfasts will be cereal this week and I have tomatoes and toast for lunch.
Monday - Left over cottage pie from the freezer with frozen peas
Tuesday - Spending the evening with The Chap so TBC
Wednesday - Last box of frozen Faggotts with Cabbage and mash
Thursday - Left Overs from Wednesday
Friday - something quick with eggs
Saturday - The Chap's turn to cook at his.
Sunday - Beef in Mushroom sauce slow cooked this should last a few days after being made.

So the freezer is slowly getting eaten up. Just shows how much food I have bought.

Another No Spend Day today. I went yesterday and filled up the car with petrol £50, then made sure I had £5 to last me until Friday for a bit of pocket money. Did not go out at lunchtime from work. So quite pleased today.

The Bank balance is looking a little low, but I am hoping that I can make it last until 1st when I next get paid.

The only concern I have is running out of The Chaps' favourite tipple before then.

I am dreading tonight. Monday is my weekly no heating evening, and I hate it!!

So does anyone have any good bread recipes? As currently just using flour yeast, water and salt. I seem to recall my Grandfather used to put butter in his loaves.

Frugally Yours

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  1. Hi, thanks for the thanks! Instead of having a no heating night try having it on less all week. For example set your thermostat lower (ours is on 18 and we are warm - when its on). When we used to have it on for longer, we always switched it off around 10am and not put it back on until we were cold then set it to go off 1 1/2-2 hours before going to bed and used a wheat pad/hot water bottle). I'll post another day about bread.


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