Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Mental Conga!

I cannot believe it, a month since I started blogging. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy it and it really focuses the mind. Thank you for visiting and reading! x
Finally got paid  on Friday morning, so mentally did the conga round the       office.

By the afternoon, most of it was gone…boo.

I have a standing order, which removes a large proportion to pay mortgage etc. I immediately paid off some of that damned debt.

LOAN                 was £334.00.     Paid £111.00      New Balance: £223.00
CREDIT CARD 1  was £514.12.     Paid £34.60        New Balance: £479.52 CREDIT CARD 2  was £710.36.     Paid £50.00        New Balance: £660.36
OVERDRAFT              £300.          Not reduced       New Balance: £300.00

TOTAL PAID              £195.60
NEW TOTAL DEBT      £1662.88
10.5% paid off my debt this month

A total of 16.5% paid off in 2012 (£327.92)

I also put £150 into my savings account.

I was hoping to pay off more, but I did not make any commission this month, and I forgot I would have to pay for the landline telephone so a lot of the extra money I had from not paying council tax this month had to go towards that.

I am 2 months away from paying off the car loan – something to look forward to.

I have set a monthly budget for February of £40 for food and £200 for petrol. This leaves me with a very small weekly allowance. But, I do think it is achievable and I have put aside £30 to pay for my fillings at the end of February.

I went to the local market Friday to buy some vegetables. This lot cost me £2.08 but the tomatoes cover lunch next week at work.

I did have to pop to Tescos too and spent £6.15 But just on a few essentials milk(2for£3), butter (2for1) and cola (own brand).      
Food Budget left for Feb £31.77. I cannot think I will need anything else until next weekend.

FOOD WASTE: When I got in yesterday evening I checked the fridge where most of my waste comes from and found these some spaghetti left over       from a meal I did about 2 weeks ago and the rest of my pie, which now is       past it’s best. Could have done better this week.

It has been snowing here today since early afternoon. I loathe snow and hate driving in it so not planning on touching the car until Monday morning when hopefully the white stuff will all be gone. Luckily The Chap lives a 3 minute walk away. The heating has been on all afternoon as it is so darn cold. There is frugal and just plain silly and having your heating off when it is this cold seems silly to me.

Had the slow cooker on since this morning with a sausage casserole, those fancy lamb and chilli sausages I bought reduced at £1.75 a few weeks ago. It looks ands smells divine. Taking it round to eat with the chap later.

Frugally yours

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  1. Well done anyway on getting rid of some more debt. I have introduced a new rule in my fridge, if its in there for more than 1 - 2 days, I wrap and freeze it. Pasta freezes well. All you have to do is thaw and pour some boiling water over it to warm it up or add a hot sauce to it and give it a few minutes simmering. If central heating is all you have to keep you warm then yes, you are a little stuck. Keep up the good work!!


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