Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I Tried My Best.

The £5 weekly budget has not gone well today. As always everything seems to come at once so I gave in today and just got what I needed.

Following my decision to give up crisps for Lent, I stopped off at the town centre greengrocers for some fruit to last a couple of days.
This came in at £2.34, yes, daylight robbery for the quality. Not going there again.

Then went to Poundland and spent £2.

Unfortunately, I forgot to grab some bread from the freezer this morning for lunch so had to pick up a sandwich. Interesting point a Meatball Sandwich from Subway costs £3.19, but at the moment they have a deal on a sandwich and a drink (bottle of water / cola / tea/ coffee) is £3. So by asking for a bottle of water too I got the sandwich for £3, 20p less than if I just had the sandwich. I hate this kind of cracked logic.

I then needed some milk for the office - 2 pints for £1.

Finally, on the way home I stopped off at Morrisons as I needed some washing up liquid. I am and Ad Man's dream and went after seeing their posters for the Basic Range. Washing up liquid for 38p. Great, I will try some of that and let you know my thoughts. The cheapest I could find before then was 59p.

I also grabbed some strong white flour 60p and some yeast 79p, both the same as Tesco. Spent £1.77.

Total Spend today - £10.11

I am taking the Morrisons trip off my food budget for the month, which leave £4.07 to spend until 1st March.

Shame, I overspent this week by £3.34. I would not have done so if I remembered my lunch today and had not bought that fruit. The plan, now is not to spend until the weekend.

It is easy to become obsessed by the overspend, and not see the bigger picture. I can afford to go over I just do not want to. When I do go over it is by £1 or £2 not by hundreds. Since commencing blogging in January I have paid off £327.92  which is 16.5% off my debt.

Is it sad that I am looking forward to Pay Day as it means I can make another debt re-payment ? Possibly, but I do not give a monkeys!

Frugally yours

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  1. I started on J's last payday with £100 per month to pay for all our shopping needs. I've gone over by £5.35 ( he gets paid again tomorrow), but I'm not going to worry about it - we needed the milk, so I bought it. I still think I've done ok and I started my regular mortgage overpayments this month.
    You're doing well - don't beat yourself up about going over slightly.


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