Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mary Berry and Nigella Lawson Are Gods, Do you Hear Me Gods! I say :o)

The day before pay day, and is supposed to be No Spend Wednesday.
Unfortunately it is not. The reason? Well I forgot to bring some lunch in.

Been a pretty disappointing 24 hours really in terms of spending.

Yesterday, I left work early as I had a dentist appointment - £17 NHS check up and clean.

At least my teeth are so sparkly you will not realize I have holes in them, yup…. Got to go back at the end of Feb for 2 fillings. Heck, another £30 to spend on the gnashers next month.

I forgot to take my toothbrush into work with me so had to stop off at the Co-op and buy a toothbrush and toothpaste. I also took the opportunity to buy the plain flour to make the pastry last night. Total spent £3.

So today, in order to eat at lunchtime. I wandered out to buy a loaf and went to Poundland. Got a Hovis brown Loaf for 50P about to go out of date. I only buy short dated bread products as they freeze and defrost so easily. I had some tomatoes back at the office to go with it. Whilst I was in there, bought 3 cans of diet coke and a multipack of crisps. Again, total cost £3. But hopefully this means I can avoid spending tomorrow and Friday.

I checked my online banking today to see what was left 24 hours before pay day and discovered I was £9.65 in credit (well before I hit my OD limit) not having expected this cash, I immediately transferred £9.60 off Credit Card 1 as an additional payment. This is 1.85% off the balance for Credit Card 1. ….Every little helps!

So time to review my debt at the end of the month

Overdraft           £300.00
Car Loan            £334.00
Credit Card 1      £514.12
Credit Card 2      £710.00

Total Debt          £1858.12

I hate throwing food away, so when I got home today I noticed that the remainder of the eggs were about to go out of date tomorrow and as there were 5 left I ought to try and use some. I will probably eat the rest over the weekend. They will not kill me as long as they still sink in water, then they are fine. Plus I bought 3 lemons on Friday that need to be used up too.

So I got out another favourite baking book…

And did 2 of Nigella’s lemon loaves I meant to make at the weekend. I am going to freeze the second for another time.

I am rather pleased with these.

I love a freebie and today provided me such a situation courtesy of Martin Lewis. I ordered a Valentine’s Day card for free from CardTown for The Chap. Bargain. Or am I just cheap? Answers on a postcard...

Still blooming cold here tonight. Went to bed early last night with a hot water bottle and a good book. Probably do the same tonight.

Frugally yours


  1. I did this too with my anniversary card. I must be cheap, too. That or we're both very frugal. ;)
    Loving reading your blog from the start. I'll soon have caught up with real time!

    1. Jan - What a lovely thing to write - thank you so much!

      I just cannot get excited over spending my hard earned "mulah" on a card!


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