Thursday, 23 February 2012

So THAT'S Why I Have Savings...phew!

I have known for quite a while that my front door is on the...well.. "knackered" side of acceptable, and this morning is when I finally accepted it's imminent demise.

For a couple of years it has always stuck during the winter months and currently I am in a situation where only a couple of rather suggestive hip or bum thrusts can open it, or for that matter close it again either.

It has been planed to death, so much so that during the summer months I can daylight around most of the edge.

Today, it finally got it's "last rites". When I tried to close the door this morning it got wedged so badly I had to go in via the garage and close it with a strategic should thrust from the inside.

Lunchtime today found me sat at my desk with the phone attached to my ear getting quotes. I want a UPVC white front door  in a Chatsworth Style  to let in a bit of light.

Like this..

What amazes me is the discrepancy in price. The most expensive has come in at £600 and the cheapest at £450. The cheaper one would also be fitted in 7-10 days time and is my parents recommendation as they have used him before.

Who am I to ignore my parents advice?

It is such a shame to spend so much money, but that is why I think it is vital to have savings. So unexpected situations like this can be resolved without resorting to credit cards, loans or crying in a pathetic sodden heap.

I am sad at having to spend the money, but I can afford it. Each month I put money aside to pay into my savings account. I am glad today I did this.

So, I am saying, whilst paying back my debt is top of my priorities, a close second is save save save. Thank God I do!

Frugally yours

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