Monday, 27 February 2012

Library Visits and Bread Again!

Well Hello again! How are you?
I am brilliant thanks! Had a great weekend and pretty low spend too.
The Chap and I ate at his on Friday night and he took me out for dinner on Sunday, yum - though I did get the drinks before that we shared with some good friends of mine.

To be fair we normally take it in turns to pay for dinner but it had been a while since we had been out just the two of us. Oh, it was lovely!

Saturday I took myself off to my nearest town. Normally, I avoid town centres on a Saturday. Having no money to spend puts me off. Plus, I might spy something I really want, so removing myself from such situations is best.
But, this Saturday I had my expenses cheque to pay in. Well, if that is not a reason to run to your nearest bank I do not know what is!
So I took the opportunity to go the library too and look at what I got out.

Your local library is such a great resource it never ceases to amaze me that I am the only person I know who goes. What a waste to just keep buying books. If I do use my library cookery book in the kitchen, well I just put it inside a clear plastic bag to keep it clean or cover it in cling film...simples!

Unfortunately talking books are £1.50 each for 3 weeks, but I do love having something other than the radio playing in the car so it is a nice treat.

The book is to get some ideas on other breads to try baking. I made some more loaves on Sunday, so still no supermarket bread brought since I decided to give up mass produced loaves until the end of March. So far so good. Plus my costing suggests each loaf I bake comes in at 35p /loaf. And, no horrid additives.

Whilst the oven was on I decided to use up 2 old bananas I had left over from work last week and made 2 loaves of banana bread too. Thrifty as all the ingredients were in the cupboard plus I bunged everything in together thus saving on electricity too.

I thought if honest the banana bread was a little over cooked, but obviously my work colleagues did not agree as 1 loaf got hoovered up by 2pm and there was only 3 in the office today! :o)

They look okay don't they?

I am getting excited currently as it is pay day later this week and I have been organising my budget and what I can pay off - more on that later this week.

The new door is in hand too though I did find out that even though I own my flat the Housing Association who I pay my service charge to insist I have to ask permission before commencing the work. Oh and they charge a fee for that...... £60!!!!!!!!!!!!! I currently have a complaint about the fee outstanding and am digging out a copy of my leasehold to check if they can do this. Even Robin Hood wore a mask! So cross on Friday when I found out.

I have a friend and her 2 yo son down this weekend so currently getting ready for them coming. Entertaining on a budget should be fun. So I am writing a shopping list ready for pay day and planning the meals in advance. I have £4ish left on Feb's budget but really can probably get away with buying nothing else until - Thurs / Friday. But the food budget will have to be extended I am thinking £80 - 100 for the month with a large proportion being spent to restock this week, then only perishables going forward until the end of March.

It has been another week of no food waste which pleases me no end.

Tomorrow - Dentist £30, Evening Course - £15 and Avon Order £5.50. But the afternoon off work... Priceless!

This month is right down the wire financially, after paying for all this lot there is well I think the correct term in "Bugger All" left in the current account so Wednesday is going to have to be .No Spend Day. Lets hope the salary does not arrive a day late again.

Have a great week folks, and remember we may not be rich, but at least we CAN sleep at night.

Frugally Yours.


  1. Your baking looks fab, well done. Yes, the library is good isn't it. We often get out books and DVD's. It may or may not be cheaper to go with but I like to support the local library.

  2. Well I am with Lovefilm and currently pay about £12 and get through 4 DVDs per week, since I do not have Sky etc I can justify the cost since I ensure I get the most out of it. But the library is great for books and the odd talking book.
    Amazes me people do not support it more, in fact a friend of mine uses it to borrow toys for her toddler - waht a great idea!


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