Monday, 26 March 2012

Material Bought, Check! (& The Great Debate)

I had such a lovely weekend. I was at the National Exhibition Centre on Saturday. All day and it was glorious!

The "Sewing for Pleasure" and "Hobbycraft" show was on. It only comes once a year and is a must for any sewing or hobby enthusiast. A few favourite stalls.

"The Silk Route" I am going to purchase some Indian Carpet Silk online to make a swing jacket like this (without the collar). Just beautiful unusual fabrics.

My absolute favourite "Fabrics Galore" actually had 2 stalls this year. Which is so much better as I was queuing for over 40 minutes to buy the dog fabric last year. This year I bought the heart fabric on the left.
£15 / m and I only wanted ½ m. My friend "P" noticed a fault in the fabric for the last ½m on the roll. So the kind people gave it me for free. Brilliant! The fabric on the right is for contrast, I am thinking it will make a nice bag.

Total Spent c £20. Could have been a lot worse!

"P" and I had a wander around the Hobbycraft section, she is an artist. But really it was mainly aimed towards card makers and scrapbookers. Not our thing, but fascinating to see what you could do.

We arrived at 9.30AM and left about 4isPM. Honestly, being surrounded by like minded people, seeing everything that there is to offer in my chosen hobby. It was like Xanadu for me.

And finally...
I got this sent to me Facebook Account. It has caused huge amount of debate with everyone I showed it to. Obviously B is the only way to hang paper.  I also "educate" anyone who is hangs it differently....:o)

"A" people are mad, mad do you hear me?

And finally finally: The Lost Hour, I would have spent re-threading my over locker. Now I have to do it tonight. Bum!

Frugally yours


  1. I'm for B, too, but there's a serious flaw to this diagram; why is the loo roll not SQUISHED????!!! (fanning myself and feeling faint...) ;-)

  2. Well, I'm an A. :D I cringe everytime I see a B and yes, I'm probably the only one in the world thinking so. :D


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