Thursday, 15 March 2012

I Rattle!

I have had a headache since Monday, today is Thursday. It is not fun.

Not a migraine, just a dull ache that starts at the back of the neck in the morning, and slowly investigates the rest of the skull during the day. I have taken paracetamol, aspirin, and ibuprofen, they work for a limited time.

Sitting hunched over a PC clutching a phone between shoulder and ear whilst listening to people bemoan the state of the economy, does not help.

Whinge over...

The result of this headache, is that I have got home every evening this week and done nothing. Yesterday, I sorted out the ironing then went to bed. If I was an American, I would say "It sucks" as I am not "This is just irritating, what what" :o)

I have restocked on bread, making two loaves on Tuesday.

I really wanted this week to cut out my new dress for work, look everything is ready to get started.

I love this fabric and think it will make a beautiful dress. Hopefully this weekend I can get started.

On the plus side it has been a low spend week, £3.80 spent since Monday not including petrol. Which is very helpful as the bank balance is starting to look a little low since paying for the car tax.

I visited my parents this evening on the way home from work. They are going off on holiday tomorrow, so I will not see my Mum on Mothers Day. I dropped off her card and we had a nice chat. I really miss them when they go away.

She took the opportunity to empty the fridge of fresh produce, so I have come away with 'free' goods. A pointed cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber. All destined for the bin. Brilliant!

Looking forward to the weekend, and spending some time on my hobbies. I want to cut out the new dress, go to the library, and order the book for April's Book Club. All very pedestrian, but I enjoy it and now in my 30s, stuff it I like my pursuits. I get a lot of pleasure from them. My work is not my life, it merely facilitates my other interests.

What do you get pleasure from?

Frugally yours

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  1. It sounds like it might be a virus. I once had a viral headache - won't tell you for how long but found codeine based medicine helped more, if you can get some.


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