Wednesday, 14 March 2012

To Amuse You, Or When Frugality Goes Wrong.

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I had a meeting yesterday with a rather important person. It was for work, but the meeting could not be held at either of our offices for various reasons.

It was decided we would meet for a discussion off site and a rather beautiful cafe was chosen in Staffordshire.

I arrived 10 minutes early, grabbed the last available table and sat down to peruse the menu for a drink. It was one of those expensive cafes where a pot of tea is served with a tea strainer and a bill for £3, with a cake you were looking at £6-7.

A quick scan looking at prices rather than beverages, revealed the cheapest drink was £1.10. It was for flavoured milk...

Reasoning I could pass it off as an iced coffee, I ordered a chocolate milk from the apron clad serving girl.

My important client then arrived and ordered a drink and we started to discuss and impending project.

Our drinks arrived. I could possibly have gotten away with the client thinking I was drinking an iced coffee, except for the pile of mini marshmallows floating on the top....


Frugally yours

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  1. It could have been worse - it might have arrived in a carton with a straw... ;o)

    Best Wishes
    Frugal Wife


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