Friday, 23 March 2012

Food Waste Friday

The holy grail of Food Waste Friday - no food food waste. Brilliant! Ages since that has happened.

However, I have some items on the cusp that I will have to munch my way through pretty swiftly.

On the top shelf is a Sweetheart Cabbage and 2 small lettuces (letti??). The lettuce has a use before date of the 6th March - it looks fine to me.

On the bottom shelf is a packet of celery, it does look a bit dried but I might have a go at cooking it and then freezing it to be used in stews / soups at a later date.

All of those items came from my parents before they went away. I should have remembered. Doh!

Yes, that is all my nail polish in the door shelf. It makes them last longer to be kept cool. Some of those bottles of delight are over 3 years old and still in good shape to use. Gives visitors a bit of a shock though when they open the door. :o)

I am really looking forward to tomorrow the Sewing For Pleasure and Hobbycraft show is on at the National Exhibition Centre and I am going with my friend "P" (she introduced me to The Chap so we like her a lot!) we have been looking forward to it for a few weeks.

I have given myself a budget of £50 to spend and hope to come back with some material and maybe some more patterns as they are quite cheap there. Just general loveliness really.

Mind you I bought this material there a year ago (I thought it looks like the Radley Dog).
Any ideas folks what I can do with it? 

I hope you have a fantastice weekend. Rest, relax and enjoy.

This weekend I MUST clear the paperwork and make more bread.

Don't forget the clocks go forward an hour on Sunday.

Frugally yours.


  1. I've kept BPAL and other oil based perfumes in the fridge, so nail polish isn't too strange.

  2. Nice job on no food waste! I've never heard of nail polish in a fridge before.Thanks for a tip!

  3. Well done. We had a couple of odd soups for lunch today, out of the freezer, from earlier in the year. Curried parsnip soup felt a bit odd on such a sunny day! I read on someone's blog that celery lasts much longer if you wrap the whole thing in foil; I now do this and it lasts a good 6 weeks.

  4. Congrats on no food waste! Such an achievement! And that fabric is absolutely adorable. I love shopping for fabric, have fun!


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