Friday, 9 March 2012

Food Waste and

This is my food waste for this week:o(. Rather a lot - left over from last weekend and I just forgot about the ham, *bum* after buying so much for my visitors last weekend and spending 4 days then chomping through the chicken leftovers, I missed the pepperoni and the ham.

It would have been so easy to have it for breakfast.
Off to see The Chap again this evening and staying there tonight. Seeing him last night was lovely, I had missed him so much!

As he bought us fish and chips for dinner, it is my turn to provide the food this evening so going to make either a lasagna or a cottage pie to take with me. Plus a bottle of rum. So a quick trip to the supermarket tonight I think. I will update the food budget over the weekend. I only need to buy more cheese though, unless I see a good offer on mince meat so i can save the packet I have frozen.

I am not a big drinker and a bottle of rum tends to last me months, and since I do not drink wine. 1 bottle of rum per 2months is not a big expenditure on alcohol. I am an alcohol snob though and will always buy Bacardi as the own brands (and I have tried them all) just taste strange to me.

I have done a comparison and Asda is the cheapest at £16 for 1 litre(a far cry from the £11 I spent at Christmas on the last bottle) but since it would be out of my way I am going to Tesco which is £1 more. Blooming supermarkets!

What is your tipple of choice?

Just bought the tax for a year - £115 not £95. Blooming expensive things aren't they?

Frugally yours


  1. Doesn't pepperoni almost last forever?

  2. Yeah, surprised to see pepperoni go bad, especially after a week?


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