Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Woman Is Like A Fine Wine, She Only Gets Better With Age.... Utter Rot!

I have been thinking about birthdays for a large proportion of this week as The Chap has a bit of a milestone coming up next month, and I want to do something special. Plans are undecided currently, but watch this space. A decision has to be made soon.

It reminded me that not long after his birthday mine looms. I will be making a transition to "late 30s", this is not making me happy. No sir, not at all. I seem to be having a mental block about it and I keep thinking "Oh My God, 40! soon".

Celebrating our birthdays will involve spending cash, which on top of the new front door (this is still "ongoing" with the HA) means over the next 6 weeks savings are going to be severely depleted.

For me there is no decision to make, I will be splashing the cash, as I can afford to, but in the meantime I need to continue ensuring that I do not spend when I do no need to.

Budgeting, budgeting, budgeting. With 3 weeks to go until pay day, the bank account is looking okayish, but I cannot see any treats in store. Also the car tax arrived yesterday evening £95 (I think) for 12M. It is at times like this I am so glad I downsized from a 220 Merc to a 1.2 Polo. I will buy 12months I think as it is better value.

No or Low Spend Days really help, it amazes me how much it is possible to fritter away. Even my 70p can of pop per day (I bring lunch in) would net £14 towards paying off the debt if I stopped.

The roast chicken from Sunday is finally finished, a day early as after 5 consecutive days of roast chicken and / or chicken soup last night i troffed the lot as I was sure after the last lunch today of chicken soup I would not be able to face it again. I was right. However it does review my price per portion to 41.2P.

Blogging early today as off to see The Chap tonight. I have not seen him since Sunday 26th, and my gosh I have missed him. With friends visiting, evening classes and work / family commitments we just could not meet up. This week I have been out every evening after work - book club, evening class, and seeing family. Seeing The Chap is always something I look forward to, but he probably is not getting my best this evening. Quite frankly, I am shattered.

I need a long soak and huge hug.

Thank you for the nice comments about my dress, I am quite pleased too.

Frugally yours

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