Monday, 12 March 2012

How I Messed Up My first Official Food Waste Friday Post and Bought Alcohol! HaHa!

I have a song stuck in my mind today – the Boom Town Rats, "I dont like Mondays".  Its true I don’t, they have all the attraction of rubbing your eye after a packet of salt and vinegar crisps. I felt that way today. Mondays are my least favourite day of the week and I especially loathe Monday mornings.

I was shattered by Friday, and feeling a bit fed up last week. In fact Saturday afternoon I crawled into bed in the afternoon for a cheeky nap and woke up 3 hours later. I was ready for bed again Saturday evening at 11PM. I think such fatigue is probably stress related. I was running around a lot last week with work and after work. Any vitamin suggestions?

I made a cottage pie for The Chap and I on Friday and then walked it round to his for tea with the last of the thyme and honey rolls I made a week ago. Tasty, but next time I am going to pay more for the mince as from an 800g packet of Tesco Value mince I poured off over half a pint of fat as I was cooking it. ERGH!

I have a delicate stomach (wobbly, but delicate!) and greasy / rich food makes me so ill. Saturday 3am found me answering a call on the "big white telephone" in the bathroom whilst simultaneously trying not to wake TC in the other room. Horrendous. I am trying to keep an element of mystery in our relationship for heaven sakes! Never again...

Been a Low Spend weekend - total £35.53. £25.53 on food (including a £17 bottle of Bacardi) bringing the March total to £76.09. TC and I went for a friend's birthday lunch on Sunday and it cost me £10 - Seabass and Coke - delicious! The company was good and the sun shining always helps lift a mood.

Due to my sloth at the weekend, I have household chores after work - ironing, hoovering  etc, But I am hoping to cut out another wrap dress this week and tonight I have to make some more bread.

On a final note, it appears a couple of you believe I was too hasty chucking out the Pepperoni. I bow to your wisdom on this, I tend to throw cooked meat after a week and just used the same principle with Pepperoni. However I suppose being smoked does extend food life indefinitely. Lesson learnt.

Welcome to my New follower - Frugal wife. Thank you so much for visiting. x

Frugally yours

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  1. I have had days like that too! Keep up the good work and know that if you just keep truckin' along, you'll still get to where your going'.



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