Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Difference An Hour Can Make

More accurately the difference 55 minutes can make.

I got home this evening at  6.50PM with so much to do. The Chap was coming over at 7.45PM and expecting dinner. It was a rush.

I walked through the door and immediately peeled potatoes and then put them into water to start boiling. I then put the oven on to start heating.

I ran hot water into the kitchen sink whilst prepping the potatoes and once finished I was able to do the washing up and left everything to drain whilst I scooted round the flat picking up every single piece of random paperwork littering the surfaces (that stuff is like gremlins / tribbles it just keeps multiplying). It has all been put on my desk in the spare room to be cleared over the weekend.

I then replaced the sofa throws and stuffed the old ones into the washing machine so I can put a cycle on overnight (when it is cheaper).

I ran the Dyson round the flat whilst waiting for the shower to run hot and carefully placed the chicken into the oven (aka stuffed the chicken in off centre) to cook whilst I showered.

Washed, shampooed and conditioned in 3minutes flat, used the flannel to wipe the shower down and shoved some cleaner down the loo. Time to clean my teeth and a naked dash to the bedroom where I got into something slinky (ok ok jeans and a T). Made the bed as I had been running late this morning and then put the veg on to cook as I was drying my hair.

Laid the table and poured us both a drink, then put an oxo cube, gravy granules and water into a pan to make gravy. Finally put my make up on and gave the shower door a final wipe before puttingthe used flannel into the washing machine. Back to the kitchen to be standing serenely stirring gravy and putting away the washing up as TC walked through the door.

Dinner served 10 minutes after TC arrived.

And that, my dear readers is how women multitask, or as I like to call it "The Economy of Movement Housework Ballet".

Admission.....I forgot to put deodorant on, but hey if I was perfect then I would have a set of beautiful wings and a halo.

How Do you multitask?

Frugally Yours

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