Friday, 29 March 2013

A Few Chores.

Today has been a day of doing chores. What a way to spend your days off.
I used some vouchers and discount codes to get a few luxuries.
I was up and out early on Easter Friday. I think the Chap was pretty perplexed, but I didn't want to spend the morning lounging around. I wanted to get sorted.
First things first, after being away last weekend and I am away again next weekend. So, I am behind with the washing. I was wearing some pretty strange outfits to work this week!
As we do not have a drier, and the weather is just pants in Staffordshire, I decided for once to throw some money at the problem and took two huge bags of our washing to the local laundrette. For £13 they washed, dried and folded the lot for me. Not the best way to spend my hard earned cash. But with the weather freezing, and our only way of drying is the clothes airer, then this was a small price to pay for some soft towels for a change and no mould in our spare room.
I then toddled off to the local town centre and did a bit of shopping. First a stop at Halfords as O2 were giving away 1litre free screen wash for O2 customers. I do not really need it now, but I will do in a few weeks. So, happy to store it until then. RRP £2.49. Thank you very much.
I then went to The Body Shop and treated myself to some more moisturiser as again O2 were offering £10 off a £20 spend so I picked up some dead posh shampoo too that normally cost £4.50 per bottle. Umm may be hiding that from the TC.. is that bad??
Pomegranate Firming Day Cream
RRP £16

Rainforest Shine Shampoo
Then a stop at the outdoor market where I picked up 6 huge potatoes suitable to baking, mashing etc for 89p. Much better value than the supermarket.
I also popped to Wilkinson as this weekend I am planning to get planting. I want to get the potatoes in and start off the geraniums and our hanging basket. I also picked up some tomatoes seeds. 3 for 2 at 60p each. I do not know is that cheap?
I cam home full of good intentions and made lunch for TC and I, then made  a fatal mistake.. I sat down. 2 hours later I woke up. Sleeping during the day is the laziest thing you can do. But um, Goodness! I felt so much better. It was wonderful and not a feeling of guilt at all. TC was really laughing!
Really enjoying the long weekend, and I hope you have some nice plans.
Frugally yours


  1. Sleeping for two hours, you must have needed it so not at all lazy. You got a lot done even with the time out. Well done x

    1. I was so stressed at work last week, I think I just needed to sit down for a bit.

  2. Well done on all the bargains and I love a nap in the afternoon after a busy morning :-)

    1. Hello there- oh it was fabulous. I just did nothing after that! Abigail x


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