Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Cats

Our little girls are growing up. We currently have two furry teenagers that dart and roll about Southfork with all the exuberance of an Olympian.

They can now jump from standing still to kitchen work top height without batting a whisker (however much we scream and moan at them for doing so)

They can also eat us out of house and home.

They ignore us when we call, have failed to learn their names and refuse to sleep at night anywhere but on your knees, ankles or tummy.

They are also voyeurs, and will sit perfectly still whilst watching you in the shower. (photo shortly)

But my goodness when they are tired they are so loving, they are super cute.
One thing is for certain, they adore each other more than us!

Frugally yours

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  1. And knock your bedroom door when got lock out ... mine actually shakes the door. She no longer live with me, err I mean I no longer live with her full time as she is now the boss at our country house. and I live part time in the city.


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