Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Appy Days!

My iphone is my most favourite piece of tech ever!

It costs a lot of money to run and I got it back in about November 2011.

My old contract ran out and I got a new one with O2 offering me the iphone 4 for free, 600 free minutes, unlimited text messages, 20 picture messages and 500MB of data.

The Price? £42.00 / month for a 24 month contract.

That is £1008.00 across 2 years. Wow! Guess the handset was not free after all.

Now my phone has become old technology, and since I picked it, the iphone 4S and 5 have been issued.

But I do love this phone, I mean I just love it!

I will look into it in more depth towards the end of the year, cheaper options that allow me to retain this handset.

One of the reasons I love the iphone are the Apps. I thought I would tell you about my favourite.

This gets used every day. And is so very useful especially if you are on holiday and using Wi-Fi. It allows you to text and contact your friends / family and even send pictures and videos. If you are not on Wifi and you are abroad then do not use it as it will cost a fortune. But if you are in the UK and have a finite amount of texts, then this costs nothing to use and everything is instant. Very useful at New Year when you want to text but not wait as everything gets clogged up.
Con- Your friends need to have it installed too.
Price – 69p

It keeps you up to date on all current offers and deals. At the weekend I just tapped on the current Dorothy Perkins offer at the till and showed the sales assistant the code to get my discount.
Con – Never a lot of deals to choose from but enough to make it worth while
Price – FREE

O2 Moments
I get a lot of freebies and discount using this app. It works exactly the same as the above App, but is only for 02 Customers. Recently I have discounted M&S meal deals for £8, free chocolates and sweets, half price toiletries in Body Shop, and a free scraper / de-icer etc
Con- Sometimes it can freeze as you use it, I redeem the voucher before getting to the check out to avoid embarrassment, but beware often vouchers are only valid for 60 mins.
Price – FREE

Very useful for any blogger out there who wants to be able to blog on the move, this handy app allows you to write text and upload anywhere. You can also take photos and include them in your post. Incredibly user friendly.
Con- Photos can only be added at the end of a post.
Price – FREE

Amazon and Ebay
2 very handy little Apps to download. I have sold and bid on items from Ebay on my iphone. The gizmo also allows me to pay using PayPal and give feedback. It is very user friendly and gives great opportunity to bid in the last few minutes whilst on the go. Amazon allows me check prices and reviews also on line and the option to buy second hand if need be. I like the ease with which I can purchase on the go. Last week I ordered a new kindle charger using the amazon app, it arrived within 3 days to work for under £3 incl P&P.
Con- Ebay selling does not give the same amount of depth of description as using a PC, but otherwise both are great
Price – FREE

Green Flag
A new download, but so far I am very impressed if I were to break down again this app would allow me to pinpoint my exact location to give when I ring up. It also has live and local traffic alerts and a route planner. It also has a handy little reminder tool for car MOT, Service, Insurance etc. You do not need to be a green flag customer to download it.
Con – None
Price – FREE

I do have a lot of other apps that I have downloaded since getting the phone, but these are my favourite.

Can anybody recommend any others?

Frugally yours

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