Monday, 18 March 2013

Stuck in an Expensive Mobile Phone Contract?

Recently I posted about my favourite phone apps, it got me thinking about the price of my iphone.
I took out a 2 year contract on my phone with O2 in about November 2011. For £39/month, I get 600 minutes, unlimited text messages, 20 MMS and 500MB of data.
Part of yesterday I was  messing about on my iphone. O2 provides a handy little tracker app that tells me on any day, how many free minutes I have used and current data usage etc.
I had not noticed before, but it has a little tab on the right hand side of this app that says “Chat Now”, so yesterday I tapped it and started having an online conversation with an O2 Assistant called Deepu.
So after the usual jumping through hoops to ensure you are who you say you are – password, date of birth, address, inside leg measurement etc I told Deepu that I was concerned as I thought the monthly bill was expensive and was there any way of getting it reduced even though there is 8 months left to run on my contract.
I have been with O2 since I was 22 years old, so about 15 years and have always had the same number, always renewing my contract.
As I am a “valued customer” Deepu offered to reduce my monthly bill to £27 / month until the end of my contract when I could change for a SIM only deal at c £15/month.
Did you know you could re-negotiate mid contract? Nope, neither did I.
My deal would be very similar, 500MB of data, unlimited texts and 20 MMS, but with 300 minutes instead of 600. I barely use half of my talk time at the moment anyway, so I was delighted.
It seems sitting on my bum on the sofa yesterday saved me £12 per month, nearly £100 up until my contract runs out later this year.
So that was a Sunday well spent!
Frugally yours


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