Friday, 8 March 2013

Just Popping By!

Morning Folks!
Just a quickie, I had to tell you about my fab new slippers.

After spending 12 hours a day in heels, there is nothing I like better than kicking off my shoes and putting on my slippers when I get home.

I like a slipper that stays on my foot and for the last few years have been wearing ballerina pumps style slippers that i pick up for £5-6 a couple of times a year.

I have a tendancy to wear slippers outside, grab some shopping from the car, take out the rubbish etc and so my slippers do not last long.

So this week I changed style and bought these cuties from M&S

Classic Collection Floral Braid Wedge Mule Slippers

They look super on, very elegant, and are really comfy.

I also like the proper sole, which means I can pop outside without fear of risking my footwear. The downfall of it's predecessors.

Of course this means The Chap wants to know if I will now be taking out the rubbish?


Frugally yours


  1. Hello, I just wanted to let you know that after seeing your post the other week about your fantastic new hoover, I went and purchased a reconditioned one from Ebay and I LOVE IT. Had never heard of it before so thank you.

    1. Oh aren't they great? I love mine and would not swop it for anything. They are seriously worth all the money and effort of putting it up as they are just so handy with amazing suction.

      Ours was from Ebay as well an was about £60 cheaper than getting it elsewhere.

      I told all my friends - get one it will change your life.
      However I also said the same thing about the toothpast roller, matress topper and hungarian goos down pillows! lol


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