Friday, 15 March 2013

The Cat’s got PMS.

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I have never owned a cat before and I am not a vet, so this is just my humble opinion.

As we have not had the cats spade yet, I suspect they might be coming into their first season.
We will get them done, but as at the moment they are indoor cats then we are not worried about teenage pregnancy just yet.

Twinkle seems to have changed personality in the last few days and become much more affectionate. She miaows at me all the time and last night even came up to me and asked for food, the first time either cat has ever done that, so I did put an extra pouch down for them both.

She then came and jumped on my lap and just sat there talking to me for ages and wanting to be stroked and generally fussed. I was nudged whenever I stopped the scratching.

I know that feeling.

So I started having a conversation with my cat (Gosh, one of these days they are going to cart me off to the funny farm)

TWINKLE: “Miaow”

ME: My poor little baby, are you feeling poorly? Oh sweetie pie I am sorry. Do you feel sad? Have you got a tummyache?

TWINKLE: “Miaow!”

ME; Oh dear dear dear! What are we going to do with you hmm? I don’t mind if you want a good cry. Is someone being mean to you Twinkle? Would some chocolate help? Shall I get you a hot water bottle little one?

TWINKLE: “Miaow”

I then happened to look up, and see The Chap at the other end of the sofa watching the pair of us bemused. I explained

ME: “I think she has PMS”

He looked faintly horrified and quickly resumed killing alien super villians on the xbox.

Bet he wishes he hadn’t got 2 female cats and a girlfriend living with him now doesn’t he?

Frugally yours
P.S. Don’t start writing in, of course I did not give the cat chocolate or a hot water bottle.


  1. Please don't misunderstand me; this is a plea, not a rant. Don't underestimate the ability of a female cat on heat i.e. in season, to get out! They will! Get the lovely girls spayed; you would certainly make sure any kittens had good homes, but you would still be adding to the cat population and cats are put to sleep all the time because there aren't enough homes. Sorry if that upsets you; not my intention, at all. They are utterly gorgeous and the thought of kittens is a nice one; I get my kitten fix on fostering blogs like loveandhisses or ittybittykittycommittee. I am glad to say my male cat never had the opportunity to find out what those bits of his anatomy were for! And male cats do travel miles to get to an on heat female; fights and spraying round your doors; girls screaming at all hours; please do spay them, for the sake of your own sanity if nothing else! lol

    1. Attila
      There seems to be a misunderstanding somewhere, probably me not explaining myself very clearly.
      We have no intention of adding to the cat population and breeding from Belle and Twinkle. We are intending to have them 'fixed'.
      No offense taken. Have a good day.
      Abigail x


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