Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Bit Of A Windfall

Good luck always comes in threes. Of course bad luck comes in threes too.
But today is only a story of good luck!
Over the weekend, I won £100 on the premium bonds (1), then 3 numbers came up in the lottery - £3.80 (it was a shared ticket with my friend)(2), and finally last night I came home to an unexpected cheque for £78.44 for an insurance policy I had cancelled when I moved out of the flat (3). You see these things ALWAYS happen in 3s.
£182.24 in unexpected money.
What would you do?
After I finished screeching with delight, and running around the garden naked singing “Hey Big Spender!” I calmed down and started thinking about what I would do.
My overdraft is now cleared (thanks to The Chap who got fed up with me having it – Yay! for him) as are my credit cards and car loan.
I wish, I really wish I could save it, but the truth is it could not have come at a better time.
My car tax arrived on Thursday, I was going to only buy 6 months for £66, but now I can get 12 months for  £120. Which means a whole year before I have to think about it again. Yipppee!
£52.24 left.
That is a tank of petrol, and will last me 1 week.
God, that’s spent quickly isn’t it? How bloody depressing!
However, I am feeling very lucky. Some money arrived when I really needed it and so my savings do not need to be raided.
March has turned out to be such an expensive month, even with a nice amount earned in commission.
The Chap and I had to book flights for our summer holiday quite suddenly to secure the villa for the required dates in September (£265). I spent £100 on train tickets for 2 weekends away I have planned, the car got serviced (£149) and I had a spend on some new clothes (£60).
Wouldn’t it have been lovely to save my unexpected money and not use it to live?
Oh well….. I promise I am not moaning about free money! :o)
Of course if my life were different, I would pay to have my hair professionally dyed to get rid of the grey highlighted in a sunkissed understated elegant way and then go and blow the rest on overpriced nik naks.
“New Me” is of course so much more sensible now.
granny panties photo: Granny Panties granny.jpg
But “Old Me” had so much more fun!!!
thong photo: (2) Leather Studded Thong ties at side 10 DSC_0345_zpse6a26a9a.jpg
So come on, if you had £182.24 to just blow on anything, and not to use carefully, what would you have bought?
Frugally yours


  1. Around the garden naked, yeah that would be me with found money! I am still laughing.

  2. well done on your wins! I think car tax & petrol is a very sensible option. I would have been tempted to get the hair done (only had mine done last week though! went for caramel highlights to hide the gray!. Maybe forget the tank of petrol and get your hair done! x x

    1. I dd think about it, but decided getting into work was probably more important than covering a few grey hairs!

  3. That is really great to have a windfall when it is needed. Really nice. And very wise not to splurge on the want items. Bravo! I hope I will be as wise hehh. Because to have a windfall ... uhuh, might go for the facial, hair and massage - all three hard to resist.

  4. What wouldnt I do for a facial, hair done and massage... to dream! lol


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