Thursday, 14 March 2013

Is It Ever Acceptable To Lie To Your Partner?

Yesterday, as I wandered off for my lunch hour I passed a shop closing down. It is relocating to another site, and in the last few days before shutting up for good.

I have never ventured through the doors before, as it sold ex-catalogue goods, karaoke machines, gym equipment and CD players. The sight of the gym equipment is enough to send me high tailing it to the hills squawking in abject fear. After all you do not a get body this lumpy through judicious use of gym equipment.

However, when I passed yesterday they had a table outside with lots and lots of bottles of shampoo “Girlz Only, Dawn Til Dusk” Shampoo 150ml, and were selling 10 bottles for £1.  That is 100pence for 1500ml of shampoo.

For that sort of price it was worth grabbing a bag full.

The sales assistant gave me a mixture of pink and green bottles.

Smells ok.

But, I cannot see The Chap using anything out of a bottle marked “Girlz Only”, he would prefer to squeeze his soap from a rock and then use an armadillo to scrub himself down afterwards. No exfoliators, loofers and cleansing serum for him. Think Captain Caveman.
 captain caveman photo: captain caveman captain_caveman.jpg

However, his shampoo is from Sainsbury's a basic own brand bottle that smells of apples, it is green…. Do you see where this is going yet?
Is it acceptable to empty a couple of bottles of my very cheap green shampoo into his own brand stuff?

I think it probably is. What he does not know can’t hurt him. Right?

My work colleague (lets call her Jane) has a partner (lets call him Bob) who insists she buys Nescafe Gold Blend as he says he can taste the difference to any other brand of coffee. Now Bob drinks a lot of coffee! and as Jane has to buy it all she gets fed up with the expense incurred even though she buys in quantity and when there is a supermarket deal on.
300g refill pack £8.85
What “Jane” recently revealed to me on a boozy night out is that Bob only every drinks cups of coffee that are two thirds Gold Blend, as for every jar of Gold Blend she decants into the kitchen coffee can she then adds over half a jar of cheaper brand alternative, very often a decaffeinated alternative at that.

Apparently “Jane” has been doing this for years without any comeback and she still allows Bob to state he only ever drinks Gold Blend.

I was really laughing when she told me.

Is it right? I don’t think so. Am I going to decant my girlz shampoo anyway?

What do you think?

Frugally yours


  1. I have been doing that with coffee for years, my hand wash is own brand cheapo foam bath, cereals are own brand,in fact just about everything that I decant into containers is. My family have "fillet steak" tastes but they get the "burger" equivalent and have no idea.

  2. so many people do this now due to partners being a brand snob. I am very lucky that my family don't mind what ever they have bless em. Our hand wash is cheap Tesco baby bath, shampoo is either own brand or like yours an offer version.

    What he doesn't know won't hurt him i am sure!

    X x

    1. Please may I? Thanks for visiting! x
      The Chap is not brand snob at all, but I think he would draw the line at a shampoo that is just for girls. He is more your lumberjack type of chap than a metrosexual! lol
      Anyway I chucked in a bottle to his usual shampoo last night and after his shower this morning, there was not a mumur. So Shhhhh!

  3. haha, I've just done this with Frosties and he hasn't said a word lol.

    1. frosties, weetabix, cornflakes, all bran, sultana bran, and rice krispies you cannot tell.

      Cheap Cocopops you really can, vile!

      keep up the good (if sneaky) work! lol

  4. I don't see why not! A tiny white lie by omission, and for your collective good, what wrong with that?
    I did snigger about 'Jane' and her subterfuge with the coffee - well good for her; if he's so brand-snobby he should buy is own!

    Enjoying your blog, Abigail, which I discovered from reading "Frugal in Norfolk'.

    1. Lynne
      Thank you for your kind comment. I thought exactly the same as you when 'Jane' told me.
      Frugal in Norfolk is great isn't she?
      Abigail x


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