Monday, 11 March 2013

Domestic Drudgery

A woman's lot is never done...


11AM - Go to Rugeley and pick up a present for my Mum for Mother's Day. Stop off at Home Bargains to pick up cheap biscuits and cakes, plus two Easter Eggs.

12.30AM - Stop off at a friends to drop off Easter Eggs for the children, and enclose £5 in each to make up for forgetting Christmas.

1PM - Pets At Home to buy Royal Canin complete cat food. Buy 1 get 1 half price. At £19.95 per bag I hope Twinkle and Belle enjoy it as they will never be having it again.

1.30PM - Into Lichfield to pick up MIL's gift, also to drop off my mum's dry cleaning as I have a 3-4-2 voucher.

2PM - To Aldi to pick up some food - cost £25.

3PM - Home and a sit down with a drink before clearing our "conservatory" (aka plastic outhouse) of all recyclable material which includes cutting up all the cardboard from the kitchen units with a stanley knife. 2 full wheelie bins later.

4-6PM - Cleaning lounge. It is covered in tile dust, so I was down on my hands and knees scrubbing then polishing the floor. Hoovering everything in sight and cleaning the leather sofa with specialist product. I also emptied the cats litter tray....again.

7PM - Argue with The Chap.

Now to clarify the final point, TC and I made up very quickly within the hour. It is very rare we "have words". But after he has been tiling for 48 straight hours and I am feeling that all I have done is spend money and run around, then we are both pretty fraught.

I know a lot of people spend their weekends catching up on chores and errands. It rarely gets to me. I always do the running around as The Chap has the DIY skills, so it seems reasonable for me to take care of everything else.

But sometimes, just sometimes I / we get a bit fed up... is that allowed?

I think the odd argument is pretty normal when The Chap is being unreasonable. isn't it?

Frugally yours

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  1. hi sounds like you have both been busy and like you have been to and fro lots not surprised you are worn out . I think the thing is when couples are worn out at the same time,thats when me\ & hubby get a bit gggrrrhhh!! with each other. Of course the odd argument is pretty normal so dont worry about that. I always try and not carry anything on.I allow myself up to half hour to have a cobb on! xx


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