Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Shopping Trip With A Difference

I went shopping with a friend 'Ann'on Friday during my lunch hour. We rarely meet up as she lives in Kent and I live in Staffordshire. She has a little lad, so when we do meet up we do not get to mooch around a clothes shop for an hour.
Friday we made a special effort as Dorothy Perkins had such a good sale on of up to 30% off. She needed some new togs and I wanted to pick up another T-shirt.
So off we wandered to the store, we discussed various items, gave our opinion on dresses, tops and Ts and showed each other the items we rather fancied.
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!
Nothing unusual about shopping with a friend you might think. Ah Hah! You would be wrong!
You see I was in Dorothy Perkins Wolverhampton, and Ann was in Dotty Perks London. It was such great fun, we both managed to log onto a wifi signal in the shop and then proceeded to use WhatsApp to send each other free pictures of what we were looking at and  then the other would respond with their thoughts.
I think we spent about 30-40 minutes in store and online together, I came out having purchased this T-shirt (I bought this in peach a week or so ago and loved it so much I picked it up in white too) for £8 instead of £10.
 White twist neck tee
Ann Picked up this little lot
Photo 1 of Denim tab shift dress

Photo 1 of Oat pointelle cotton cardigan
Photo 1 of White ruffle drawstring top
And finally a lace tunic that I just cannot get you a picture of
All for £85 in the sale!
We were both delighted and it was so nice to have a chat as we wandered around texting and taking pictures to send to each other. Shopping at lunchtime is a lonely business and to get a friend’s input was invaluable and a lovely way to keep in touch during the stresses and strains of the week. I don’t know about Ann, but I was giggling all the way around
Ann did admit that one of the Sales Assistants thought she was rather loopy!
A sale on at one of my favourite clothes shops, is always enough to keep me in a good mood! Quality and Price! Thanks Dotty Ps.
I think it is safe to say Ann and I have invented a new type of shopping.
Now, ummm how do we patent it?
Frugally yours

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