Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Firstly, Hello & Welcome to my new follower – Judy. Thanks so much for visiting – x.


It may well be interesting for those of you in a relationship out there to note the following:-

If walking out of the house in a huff.
Remember your car keys.

Marching over the threshold head held high in moral indignation, looses its punch if you then have to then sneak back in to pick up the car keys.

Also best not to pick an early hour on a bank holiday morning which then leaves you walking around your local supermarket waiting for the café to open.

I can highly recommend watching “Oz the Great and Powerful” 10.30am. No-one else around, and O2 were giving away a free large popcorn at my local Odeon. Of course it may also be worth noting the following equation

1 large sweet popcorn (think bucket sized) + a medium coke + moral outrage = being heartily sick at the end of the movie in the ladies.

Everything would have been worth it if only The Chap had noticed.

I drove home at 2pm-ish and he just smiled and said
“You were out early. Have a nice morning?”

I gave up at that point on being in a mood. I am obviously no good at it, and really it was such a minor thing I was pissed at. Does this happen to anyone else, complete obliviousness? And is obliviousness a word?

Anyhoo, the long weekend was lovely. I caught up on loads of jobs. Cleaned the car inside and out. Cleaned everywhere in the house and then emptied the washing basket. Who knew it had a bottom? I thought it was a never ending heap of soiled laundry stuck in a time loop.  I did the 4 hours of ironing whilst watching Labyrinth by Kate Mosse which I had recorded.

I then started on the planting. I have no green thumb and have never successfully grown anything. But, still worth having a go I think.
I planted up the potatoes and tomatoes. Then planted the seeds for my hanging basket and geranium borders later this year.

I have some seeds for lettuce and beans but I think it is too early. I enjoyed it so much, lunchtime today I popped out and picked up some red onions, spring onions and peppers plus a 75p kit for growing chillies. Time will tell if I make a success of it. Watch this space..

And finally Twinkle is definitely in season. The poor thing is crying and miaowing, and constantly offering herself to anything that moves. It reminds me of some girls I knew in my University days it really is such a shame to see.

If I am honest, I think TC would have liked some kittens, but he realises that it just is not going to happen on my watch and he does agree with the ethics of not bringing more kittens into this world. TC paid for our cats, but I feed and water them, pick up poo, and disinfect the litter tray. So, I am guessing who would end up looking after them too.. Muggins..

I am too young to be a Grandma!

Result? They are both booked in for the operation to be spayed in about a weeks time.

TC booked the appointment after finding Belle trying to mount her sister on the spare bed….

An eventful weekend I would say.
Frugally yours


  1. I heart you on both the oblivious reaction and young kitties on heat. Glad the mood had passed but the coming week will be very trying .... for both Twinkle and Belle, and mum and dad too. So cheer up ;)

    1. Well it should be fun shouldn't it? :o)
      But I am away over night on Saturday in Durham, so TC will have to deal with it.
      *Evil grin*
      The huff wasn't major, just wish he had noticed to be fair! Living with a chap has made me realise men are a bit obliovious and ever so slightly grubby. ha ha!
      Time will tell..

  2. I used to storm out in a huff but now I go straight to the point and get it out there in the open, life goes on hold until it is resolved or buried. He does not like it but is always happier once it is done and dusted.

    1. I am not good at confrontation, prefer to run away! lol

  3. Oh I have done this - in our younger, more blustery days! (Not the forgetting the keys, that would have been .....well, I expect I'd have thrown something and got it out of my system that way!) But certainly I have marched off in high dudgeon only to return hours later to be met by a smiling husband who, if he registered I had gone without telling him where I was going, was certainly not ascribing bad mood for my reason for going! Totally oblivious! It never stopped me marching off though, as the very act of doing so, and walking furiously for half an hour or so usually put me in a better fettle. It is seldom over huge issues - we have few of them these days, thankfully!

    1. It wasnt a big issue of between us either. I think wandering off by myself for a bit, gives me time to calm down and think about the situation logically, Perhaps it is best The Chap was not aware I was so upset. glad I am not the only one. x


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