Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Guilt Free Shopping

The Chap is very industrious. He springs out of bed on a weekend morning, grabs a hammer and starts building / laying / demolishing something in the kitchen.

Good for him.

I on the other hand needs two cups of tea and a good 45 mins before facing a Saturday. I also like to have some "me" time when I am not doing chores but just relaxing. Last weekend I just sat in the garden for an hour and a half had a rum and coke and called a friend.

This weekend I went out armed with my birthday money and vouchers.

The inlaws gave me a £70 M&S voucher, I spent £41 on an outfit for work.
Double Diamond Print Mini Skirt
Photo credit - Marks and Spencers
The skirt was £29.50 and the top was in the sale at £12.
Peter Pan Crochet Collar Lace Top
Photo Credit - Marks and Spencers

I still have £28.50 left on the voucher and am planning on buying their classic blouse when it is back in stock.

I then added £4 to my £10 Boots voucher which was a present from my Aunt and Uncle, and had a real treat, proper posh skin care. A Clinique soap for facial cleansing.
Clinique 3-Step Skincare System Step 1 (Cleanse) - Facial Soap Oily Skin 150g (With Soap Dish)
Photo Credit - Debenhams

These last for between 9-12 months really leave my skin feeling clean and soft and blemish free.

Some lovely treats.

Then off to the Post Office to buy some Premium Bonds.

I had such a lovely morning, pottering around by myself and I also had a wander around NEXT and Dorothy Perkins and Hombase.

I returned home and then quite happily settled down to dig over the front boarders, planting our two new Poundland Rose Bushes (not hopeful, but lets see what hapens) then 50 bulbs. Come the summer if our front garden is not a riot of colour and planting then I will be most unhappy!

Frugally yours


  1. And I bet that because you are on a budget your purchases felt all the more luxurious. Isn't it great to appreciate the things we wouldn't have thought twice about in the past ?

    1. Oh it was lovely and I managed to pick up the blouse I wanted too. You are absolutely right this time three years ago I would have bought them without a second thought.
      Thanks for visiting - x

  2. Oh I do love a look around M+S too. Sometimes its a bit hit and miss but more often than not I see something I really like. I managed to pick up a long grey sweater for £9 last Friday. I think it was the first day of the sale! :-)

    1. M&S and Dorothy Perkins are my go to stores.. it used to be Coast, Phase 8 and Karen Millen.
      The sale is good, but such a bun fight! lol


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