Friday, 12 April 2013

The Chap's birthday.

Today TC turned 41.

I bought him some pressies, but he was most delighted with the West Coast Customs T-shirt I bought him. Typical, it was a cheapie after thought! Lol

I decided to treat him to a slap up seafood dinner.... at a discounted price.

1) red lobster £10
2) 4 ma-hoo-sive prawns £4
3) 1 box of big prawns £2
4) Own brand smoked salmon £2
5) 1 bag of mussels 3.49

I then added potato salad and coleslaw at 10p ( yellow ticket) and some salad I had in. And finally a tiger baguette 20p also short dated.

Final cost - £21.79 for 2 people. A very expensive way to feed 2 people for a night. But I think a similar meal at a restaurant would have cost £100. I could not have afforded that, but I still wanted to spoil him as I have hardly seen him this week as he has been working late every evening and been away with work. The poor guy is shattered.

I just wish I had remembered to photograph it!

You can still enjoy a champagne lifestyle but on a lemonade budget. We just had to wash up after!

Happy Birthday TC. I love you handsome!

Frugally yours

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