Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I Think We Might Be Working

I bought my flat “The Towers” 10 years ago. When I first moved in, a friend moved in with me and took up the spare room.

Things really did not work out. She could not fathom my innate obsession with cleanliness and I found her ability to make mess 30 seconds after arriving home irritating. She met someone pretty quickly and moved out after only 3 months. I gladly helped her pack her bags and waved her off pleased that she had met someone and happy that we still remained friends (as we do to this day).

Then for 10 years I lived there all alone and perfectly content. I never felt lonely and I liked having my place perfectly organised to suit my needs. Boyfriends came and went. One actually moved in for 6 weeks whilst he bought a house, but I never seriously contemplated giving up my place.

Long time readers will know I moved in with The Chap over Christmas. If I am honest I packed my bags and rented my flat with a lot of trepidation. I knew TC was one for me, but I was concerned. I have left an immaculate flat, and moved into a bombsite with a kitchen that has been a "Work In Progress" since December and a bathroom in which you cannot use the bath (it leaks). All the internal doors need changing as they do not close and the carpet needs replacing everywhere (think tangerine / poop brown dreadlocked shagpile).

I expected to be stressed by the move, and I have been. I am getting used to having to cook everyday proper food for TC (no more evenings for me on the sofa with a bowl of cereal or a couple of pieces of toast and some sandwich spread).

After 3 months of moving in, we have found a rhythm and everything is going well. We are both happy.

I have been away on average one weekend per month since I moved in. To visit my sister and friends.

This week, roles have been reversed TC has flown out to Sweden with work for a few days. He left late on Monday evening and is due back late on Thursday evening, then Friday is his birthday.

I got home yesterday and sat down. The Cats came and said hello. I had dinner, the sort of food he would hate and then did a pile of washing, and cleaned the kitchen. I watched tv in command of the remote control.

I lay in the middle of the bed and wrapped myself in the duvet. I left the door open to the bathroom whilst I used it, and just dumped the rubbish outside the back door until this evening when it will be lighter to properly dispose of it.

And the whole time, every minute of my evening I missed My Chap, a lot.

Frugally yours


  1. That is so sweet! Actually it is more than sweet, it is heart warming to read about a relationship that is working, about love that is taking root. Thank you for sharing this part of your life too, Abigail. Wishing you and the chap, lots of happiness. And happy birthday to the chap.

    1. Thanks so much. felt a bit silly writing it. But so far we are very happy with only. The couple of "spats" I have mentioned in previous posts were just that - spats. Life I think is better when it is shared.

  2. Are you my long lost twin by any chance lol! This sounds very similar to my situation I lived alone for many years before getting married in 2010 so was a big adjustment for me too. I do agree life is better when it is shared ;-)

    1. Morning Mary
      Thank you for visiting! It is strange being with someone after such a long time alone. I am 36 and was begining to think I would never meet anyone I wanted to live with.
      I would be interested in talking with you further, to get someone in a similar situation's thoughts. I can find it very weird a lot of times!

  3. Hi Abigail,
    I have sent you an email! :-)


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