Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Bit Of A Scrubber

First of all allow me to apologise for the radio silence for a week. I am still alive and everything is ok. Time just got away with me.

I only worked a 3 day week last week and had Friday off again. I went to Durham very early Saturday morning for an overnight at my friends for her 40th and we all went for a very posh meal at Durham Castle with a murder mystery thrown in. It was such good fun and lovely to catch up with “the girls” and get all frocked out for a night out, without having to worry about shoes hurting as we would be sitting down all evening.

I got back Sunday after the journey from hell thanks to British Rail. They cancelled the earlier train and everyone piled onto our train, so I had to stand up from Durham to Tamworth a total of 3 and a half hours squashed like sardines and BR staff shouting at us at every station to move in further. If I had been Spiderman then I would have hung off the rafters, but that was not possible. Around Sheffield I am ashamed to say I lost it and shouted back at them and got a round of applause back from the carriage. I then missed my connecting train home and so had to wait for an hour at Tamworth and ended up getting home an hour and a half later than planned. I did pick up a complaint form at Tamworth and filled it in whilst I waited and then posted it as I walked home. I do not expect much but I was furious and my ankles were so swollen from the standing it took until yesterday to get them down again. £87 for a return ticket to be squashed in like sardines, is not on at all.

Friday I spent the morning with my Mummy as it The Chap’s birthday on Friday, we went shopping she picked up some items for him. We then popped to Tesco together and picked up some bits and pieces. I like going shopping with my Mum. We wander around look at everything and generally catch up. She, with my sister are my best friends. I am so lucky to have such a lovely family and they all like The Chap.

Friday afternoon I spent trying to clean upstairs before I went away. The bathroom is my nemesis. I clean the sink everyday and swish the loo a couple of times a week I hoover and wash the floor every weekend, but the Shower is just awful and whatever I do rarely looks clean. The mastick needs replacing, but with TC so focussed on completing the kitchen I just cannot ask him to do it yet. We plan to replace the bathroom next anyway.

So Friday afternoon I got out the big guns.

Chemicals are all well and good, but sometimes brute force and elbow grease is required. A scrubbing brush costs less than a pound and is so useful is these situations. I filled up the sink with hotwater and a cap full of my go to cleaner Tesco Every Day Value All Purpose Cleaner. 25p for 750 ml. You can use it neat on work tops and diluted on floors and tiles.
Just brilliant!
20 minutes of scrubbing the floor, the tiles and grouting got it all sparkly clean. I then used neat viakal on the glass doors rubbed it around left it for 5 minutes and then rinsed it off with a lot of hot water. I am not sure hot much the Viakal cost as the bottle is years old. You do not need much. Some glass cleaner to polish everything up at the end and it looked so much better. Shower spray helps keep everything down, but do not listen to the hype you do still need to clean a shower. I finished up by pouring a kettle full of boiling water down the drain after a good splurge of cheap vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

Please please do not get caught up buying fancy cleaners that costs pounds. My shower looks so much better, and it cost pennies. Infact it looks better than when I have cleaned it with expensive branded products.

Until I can afford a cleaner or maid 3 hours a day Monday – Friday then I guess I have a future that involves scrubbing for the foreseeable future.

Frugally yours

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