Thursday, 25 April 2013


"Happy Birthday to ME!
Happy Birthday to ME!
Happy Birthday, Dear MEeeeeeeeee!
Happy birthday to ME!"

I turned 37 today. Oh Crap....

I always thought by the time I was 37, I would be:-
  • Totally grown up (um, nope. I still laugh at "wind" jokes)
  • Married with a family (errrr, nada!)
  • Living the life of luxury (ha ha I wish.)
  • Financially secure. (not even close)
  • Thin (nope today I am morbidly obese)
Guess that hasn't worked out huh? :o)

I have not yet opened family and friends presents as it would have been rushed this morning. So I get to open them all this evening! Yeah!

But here is my loot from my office friends!
And we had Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Yum.

On the negative side, I am 3 years away from 40. OhshitohshitohshitOhshitohshitohshitOhshitohshitohshitOhshitohshitohshitOhshitohshitohshitOhshitohshitohshit.

Apart from my family and The Chap. Can anyone think of a reason to cheer me up about being 37? Otherwise I may have to look into taking out a loan and buying a motorbike....

Frugally yours


  1. Happy Birthday! You have a whole lifetime ahead of you, I want a donut.....

  2. Happy Birthday Abigail. 37 is a great age and considerably younger than me! Just think the alternative to not having got to 37 is even worse!!! Xxx

  3. Happy Birthday to you, hope you have a lovely evening.

  4. Happy Birthday. You are still a Spring Chicken!

    I'm 51 next week...51! How did I get so old?

  5. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day! and remember age is just a number!


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