Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Little Canny

The Chap got an odeon cinema voucher yesterday for his birthday from my sister. We both fancied the new Tom Cruise movie- Oblivion.

So today we took the day off and went into Tamworth. We went into Matalan, a shop we never normally use, but as we had tried M&S, and Next we were running out of options to buy him some work trousers. Luckily we found 2 pairs, plus a lady outside was giving out 20% off vouchers so 2 pairs came in at £32. A bargain!

Then off to the cinema. I had a 2 for 1 voucher from my trip the other week. So £8.50 for the 2 of us. Then O2 allowed me to have another large bucket of popcorn free. So our whole trip was free. Plus we have £11.50 left on the card, so our next trip will also be significantly cheaper!

A day out for free and lovely to spend some time together.

Frugally yours

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