Thursday, 21 June 2012

Rest In Peace x

These are my work shoes. Bit grim are they not? The back stiffening has completely gone and until recently when I armed myself with a tube of superglue, they used to let water in through the soul of the left foot.

They are scuffed at the back and have been re-soled about 3 – 4 times. If I was being scrupulously honest I would admit they had a slight aroma too.

I only have these one pair of work shoes that cost me about £50. Normally work shoes last me about 6 months being worn from 7am-7pm 5 days per week.

These little babies have lasted about 3 years so I feel I have had my money’s worth.

For the last 3months I have been keeping an eye out for some new work shoes. They had to be smart and in leather that were comfy enough to wander around town, a lower heel to my current shoes and in black. Oh, and did I mention cheap too?

Since joining Ebay, I have put in a number of bids on slightly worn shoes with no success.

Until I won these. £8 incl P&P from Wallis in black leather. Worn once apparently (they look unworn to me!)

They arrived last night and are currently gracing my feet as I type and are very comfy.

Very pleased, they suit my limited budget and for £8 if they can last until January then I feel I have had my money’s worth.

My old shoes? Well they walked themselves out of W Towers and committed Harri Kari in a black wheelie bin.

Rest In Peace.

What was your best Ebay / Freecycle bargain?

Frugally yours


  1. I do not use ebay but one thing I do is that when I come in I take my shoes off, put my house shoes/slippers on then put some Yardley lavender powder into the shoes ... my shoes never smell, nor do my feet. I have done it for years ... you could like find Yardley talc for a bargain price on e-bay.

    Anne in Cambridge wriggling her fragrant toes

    1. I think anything that has been on my feet for 12 hours a day, 5 days per week for 3 years would need industry strength Domestos!

      I actually always do use Avon talc when it is on special for 99p.
      My favourite place is under the boobage, but I am rather well endowed. Think matronly!


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