Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Doom and Gloom!

I have calmed down a bit today, but having such a tight budget to last 17 days (£130) is really praying on my mind.

I spent 99p on a diet coke today bringing my purse money to £3.70.

I put £20 in cash in the car yesterday morning, which should take me through until tomorrow when I can fill up. I am then hoping that I will not have to use the car at all over the weekend.

I am trying to see this as a positive experience, if I can live off £130 for 2 and bit weeks then I can do anything, but part of me just says “Stuff it, dip into your savings!

My shoes are due to finish on ebay shortly, and it is not looking hopeful, so yesterday I added a YSL unused make up palette.
Lets hope that fairs a bit better. It picked up watchers almost immediately, and I have another two similar items to put on.  But I am not hopeful that I will be able to pay £40 extra or for that matter anything back off my debt this month. Bum!

In an effort to try and increase my income I have also recently bought some jewellry rolls and am going to try and sell them to make a bit of extra cash.

Have you noticed how it is always around this time of the month that I get most depressed about the debt?

I have, and I am trying to remind myself that it is only natural. I am past the ‘high’ of debt reduction and just on the hard slog through to Pay Day.

I have not had my haircut since January and it is desperate for a good 2 or 3inches to be cut off. I also have a friends birthday shortly, not to mention her twins birthday.

Damnit, sometimes I wish it was just as easy / pleasurable to reduce a credit card as it was to use it!

This is bloody hard work.

Frugally yours
P.S. Sorry about the whinge, but this blog is supposed to be about the highs and the lows..
PP.S. Before publishing this I double checked my bank balance. That Nil balance on Credit Card 1 still brightens my day. So perhaps it is not all doom and gloom!


  1. Hey, you are doing great you know, its not a race. Sometimes you can run, others walk and occasionally crawl or come to a complete stop. Things can only get better .....


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