Friday, 15 June 2012

Food Waste Friday.

Well, everything could have gone better. There I was merrily mooching along in my daily life until I was poorly at the end of last week. Everything got stuffed and the result? 2 large items to chuck First of all three quaters of a homemade quiche
Then I found a whole carton of NCG tomato soup that went out of date a week ago. Would you rish it? So easy to have frozen it, but it escaped my notice until too alte.

Just rubbish.

Money is still tight- I managed to make the £5 I had in cash last until the end of today when I have 30p left.

I spent £40 on petrol on Thursday morning and am rather hoping it will last until I am home on Tuesday. But, that is rather unlikely.

Some good news, the shoes I had on Ebay finished yesterday and after a last minute flurry went for £22 incl P&P. So hopefully I can use that extra cash to either see me through to Pay Day in 13 days time. If I do not need it then it is being knocked off Credit Card 2.

Still got 3 auctions active, so more good news early next week - fingers crossed.

The Chap is out tonight with his cousin, so I am in by myself catching up on rubbish tv and still trying to munch my way through the freezer, Yum ribs! On the down side that is the end of the nice stuff. Back to pasta and the ends of boxes e.g. 2 fish fingers.

Gosh it is boring eating!

Frugally yours

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  1. I hope you're feeling better and good luck with your auctions.


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