Wednesday, 13 June 2012

One day At A Time

Firstly, Hello and Welcome to my new follower - Jessica. Thanks so much for visiting!

Thanks to my blogging friend Frugal in Norfolk for your wise advice yesterday, I do hope you do not mind if I copy it to a post
Sometimes you can run, others walk and occasionally crawl or come to a complete stop. Things can only get better .....”
You are absolutely right. I thought about what you wrote and realised I was obsessed with paying off my debt. Do not misunderstand. I am pleased to be debt obsessed, but realised that this was not a competition. Paying off my debt, is a marathon not a sprint.
It is just as important to feel financially comfortable. By this statement I do not mean it is ok to go clothes shopping, or splash the cash on some overpriced knick knack.  I mean not to be worried about the next utilities bill etc.
So I took a big breath and gave myself a pat on my back for paying off so much in 6 months (71.7%) and gave myself permission in July to pay back a minimal amount. I believe it is important to keep the momentum going.
I also went and put a few more items on Ebay, another YSL new lip palette and then I took a deep breath and fetched out the Madonna Catsuit I bought a couple of years ago.
For our non British friends the “Material Girl” a few years ago bought out a one off collection at a highstreet retailer. The most sought after item was a knee length catsuit with a diamante zip. I bought it, only trying it on when I got round to my parents.  Once my Mum and I stopped laughing at my fat ass was poured into it, and my sister ceased to call me Edina I popped it away to a wardrobe with its tags still in place.
Anyhoo, it on now, so we shall see. Perhaps all this will allow me to pay some more off the debt or increase the savings.
In the meantime, I am taking everything one day at a time thinking “Well Abigail, nothing I need to buy just yet”.  Today I only spent £1.59 (cola and crisps) leaving my purse cash at £2.11 with 2 days left to go and 15 days until Pay Day.
Nothing I need to buy tomorrow either hopefully.
Thanks Frugal In Norfolk, for you well judged advice”
Frugally yours


  1. Madonna's catsuit ... YOU do not need that ... she is, dignified sniff here, no better than she should be!

    Cambridge Anne


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