Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Just A Quickee

Sorry I have not posted for a few days, but during the long weekends or for that matter all weekends I stay at the The Chap's. His place is not condusive to posting, mainly as his laptop died a couple of weeks ago and he bought a Blackberry pad thingy instead. I do not know how to use that. Hence, no posting.

The long weekend was brilliant. As a die hard Royalist, I found the love pouring out of the country this weekend overwhelming. All the local houses had bunting up and everywhere was red, white and blue. Just phenomenal to see. Shame the weather was so poor.

The Chap and I tended to stay local this weekend and only ventured out to the IMAX to see Prometheus and the local street party.

We had some rather special guests!

Atmosphere was brilliant, The Chap was delighted as I won the raffle. My prize? Dave the odd job man for a day - excellent!

We met neighbours and played with kids and got to know eveyone in a street of circa 60 odd houses.

Spending this weekend was a little erratic. I did a little food shop in M&S, yup M&S! £11 for a dinner for us two and I bought a pack of undies - £7. TC and I were a little under the weather this weekend too so a trip to the Chemists came in at about £10 for various remedies.

I really wanted to post on Ebay this weekend, but time got away from me, so this evening. 1 item on I promise. The effort to cut the debt has to be continuous and even if I can only make £20 extra this month. Well "Every little helps" Especially as I am off down south on Friday after work.

Frugally yours

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