Monday, 18 June 2012

Eggs, A Moral v. Frugal Dilemma.

I had a good weekend albeit it a little quiet. I saw The Chap on Saturday / Sunday. I did have to go and do a little food shop spending £17.20 but apart from milk, I should be done now until the end of June.

Unusually, I bought some soft bread baps because they were reduced to 40p for 6. My shop was expensive, but I did buy some items that rarely make it onto my shopping list – namely 5 bars of chocolate and a jar of golden syrup.

I am entering a baking competition at the end of July and am making a cake called “Death By Chocolate” so I wanted to practise beforehand. My work colleagues are so excited!

I also had to buy some more eggs. I get through a lot of eggs probably about 18 per month, with baking and eating – I seem to recall someone telling me “They’re fast food and good for you.”

I normally buy eggs 10 at a time, but yesterday I just grabbed a box of 6. 3 years ago I always grabbed eggs from happy chickens, but yesterday I bought Tesco value eggs 6 for 85p.

I have seen all the information, that battery chickens are confined 5 to a cage with no sunlight and their feet never touching the ground. I also know it is cruel, but with money so tight in these stricken days I am afraid I do buy them. It is a small economy and I am not entirely sure it is justified. I also know that the UK is a nation of animal lovers and this will be an emotive issue, but I am interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts on this hot topic.

Back to the £5 Challenge today, only spending £5 in cash between today and Friday. A no spend day today, so £5 left for 4 days.

Frugally yours


  1. I sell my eggs at the gate, my hens are free range and fed on organic feed and lay wonderfully tasty super sized eggs, each one would be getting on for two of those value eggs - and I charge £1.50.

    So given that those value eggs are pretty tasteless, very small - as well as produced under cruel conditions ( as you say)

    could you perhaps see if there is someone like me, but local to you? I am sure there must be someone you know, who knows someone who keeps hens in their garden or allotment.

    If you want to see what ex battery hens look like when they are rescued from the cruel cages - come and see on my blog.

    I do understand about the cost issue - but I honestly think you can find more ethical eggs for not much nore money, or even the same.

  2. I buy British free range eggs from Aldi. They have just gone up 10p per pack and now cost £2.09 for 15, which makes them just under 14p per egg. That's less than the battery ones you bought from Tesco, which come in at just over 14p per egg.If you have an Aldi near you, they are definitely worth buying - a good size and tasty too. I don't keep chickens myself, and don't have access to anyone who does, so although free range aren't without their problems, the Aldi eggs suit my purse and my conscience.

    1. It is a good point and I thank you for it. Next time I am there I will grab a box. £2.09 for 10 is worth noting.

  3. Hi,

    I really like your blog but I promise you that if you see what these little hens look like when they are rescued, you will never ever buy caged hen eggs again. It is something I feel very strongly about, it's revolting how they are kept.

  4. After my last comment above, I read your post again. I have to say I am really disappointed that you continue to buy the caged hen eggs despite seeing the cruel conditions and the state of the birds.
    I can't get my head round buying them knowing its so awful. I'm afraid I will no longer be a reader of your blog for this reason.

    1. Sarah
      I am sorry about that. I understand your point. It may be worth reading todays post for feedback.
      I wish you well.

  5. I am not bothered what kind of eggs you buy. I do not eat any kind of egg, the yolk gives me welts on my face!

    There are however recipes for vegan death by choc cakes ...

    you are TOO kind to make test CAKE for colleagues ... also a baking competition ... who needs those drug altered 'athletes' that will soon be swarming all over London ... CAKE competitions really matter.
    Anne in Cambridge

    1. Anne
      You do brighten my day. you are always so cheeful. If you are ever in Staffs, I promise to bake you a vegan death by chocolate cake!

  6. Hi Abigail, eggs are just one of many ethical debates you can get into! There's also free range chickens, fair trade coffee and chocolate, clothing made in sweat shops and sold here for 50p a t-shirt... the list goes on and on, and there will always be people with different opinions on the subject!

    As Scarlet says, there's a fantastic range of produce at Aldi at very reasonable prices - I'd second her recommendation to visit if you have one locally. I find their fruit and vegetable prices hard to beat.

    And as Compostwoman says, fresh free-range eggs are sooo tasty if you can get your hands on them for a good price! In my dream world I'd keep chickens in the future - but we're quite a few years off from that sort of living :)

    Good luck with Death by Chocolate - take some pictures as you go, we'd love to read about it.

    Best Wishes

  7. First and foremost, this is your life, lead it how you and your frugal purse see fit. I haven't bought eggs from cage birds for a while now - a disgusting system. I also don't buy barn ones for the same reason. However, like Scarlet, free range ones can be bought quite cheaply. Personally, I would rather eat less eggs than buy cage ones but don't get too worried about it and people's opinions when on occasions, you have to dip into this egg system. You can only do what you can do!

  8. If I could not afford good quality free range eggs I would never, never buy eggs. I believe all creatures should be treated with respect and caged hens are most certainly not.


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