Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A Bit Of A Ramble


Been a bit of a strange day. I am 48 hours away from Pay Day and looking forward to being back in funds for 4 weeks.

With a few days away planned next week I am really looking forward to the break.

In my effort to make life simpler I am trying to ensure that I spend it on frugal / free activities and so far I am succeeding in my planning. My theatre ticket was a birthday present, and the few nights I am away are being spent with my good friend in central London and then my sister in Surrey.

I have a sewing competition at the end of July so when I get back on Thursday I will be spending the last few days concentrating on completing my entry so it is done in good time.

I also want to do some cooking for The Chap and I, so that he comes in of an evening to find dinner ready.

A lot of people will consider these pursuits a little if not a lot boring, not I!

The last few months have been very tricky and now with some plans afoot I need to really start saving as much cash as possible for a big change around September time.

I have to have a new garage door and a new hob by then. Total cost ? about £600. Plus the car will need an MOT and our holiday is booked for September. It is a shame, but between then and now I cannot see myself being able to take too much from my outstanding debt of £562.

So I am looking to raising some cash through Ebay to achieve my goals.

I have a few items to put up to auction over the next few weeks, having already made c. £65.

But, I seem to be stymied at every turn as now Ebay will not permit me to list more than 10 items per month, and I have reached my allotted allowance for June. I have had to request a postal letter to ensure my allowance will be increased. It all takes time… sigh.

On a pleasanter note I had my summer dinner out with Book Club last night and £10 gave me 2 courses, a drink and tip.

I have been invited for dinner this evening too, TC’s father’s birthday so the 4 of us are at a local restaurant.

I will waddle in by the end of the week!

Frugally yours

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