Monday, 11 June 2012

Oh Sh*t"

I checked my bank balance today, and had an “Oh Sh*t!” moment. I have £130 left to last me until 28th June – 18 days away and I have a book club meal and another weekend away to London to contend with.

Breathe Abigail! Breathe!

After spending 20 minutes panicking. I calmed down sufficiently to put the high heels and short skirt away.
I phoned my friend S straight away and asked if we could swop the weekend to the 2th June?

The theatre tickets (my birthday present from her) had not been booked so no problem. 1 thing less to worry about. Phew!

Time to re-budget. I am going to need £80 at least for petrol to get me to and from work. So lunchtime today I visited the cashpoint and grabbed the cash. It is now in an envelope ready for the times I need to fill up, and stuck in a handbag pocket ready to be decanted into a box at home.

That leaves £50. Plus the £4.69 I currently have in my purse which I am going to make last until Friday and will be keeping you updated over the next 5 days to see how that goes. How long since a £5 challenge?

I am not going to visit the supermarket except for milk between now and Sunday.

This really for me is very tight and I am worried.

I seem to have reached the “the wall” at the moment about my debt of £562. I still want it gone but my internal warning light about my savings keeps flashing.

So much so I am currently contemplating making 2 months of minimal payments (say £50) in July and August and redirecting the money into my savings account.

I still would love to get my the remainder of my debt paid off by December, but there are plans afoot for after the summer and by my calculations I need £1000 in my savings account by then to make some changes so I can achieve them.

I do not want to say just yet what those plans are, in case I jinx it. But, I am excited. I will get this damn debt gone, but not quite as quickly  as I initially hoped it looks like and certainly not at the expense of peace of mind of having money saved.

Damn it, today I am a little bit frightened, frustrated and disappointed.

On the plus side I am feeling a lot better, after feeling so sick at the end of last week. My nephew was a delight this weekend, and I bet none of you were being a horsey at 7.30am on Saturday morning!

Seeing my sister is always wonderful, I wish we lived closer to each other. We speak 2 or 3 times per week, text and email, but nothing…..nothing is like having a cuddle with her or talking in our dressing gowns on a Saturday morning about the world, the universe and everything whilst drinking tea and watching her son play.


Frugally (and still a bit panicky) yours

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