Thursday, 10 May 2012

Thank you Mummy x

I often find myself in debt (not financially) to my Mum. She really is very good to me. As I work, she will often wait in for electricians, plumbers etc. Having a Mum like that is very very useful.

I would love to cover her in diamonds and give her flowers every day. Unfortunately, it is just not possible.

So I do like it when I can find a way of saying thank you to her. Today was just such a time.

One or twice a year my Mum takes her turn holding the monthly soup and cheese lunch at the local community centre where they live. It attracts local people  - mums, farmers, the elderly, church leaders etc and they come together to eat for an hour.

When Mum hosts the event she normally provides 3 choices of soup and has to get in about 6 loaves to feed everyone. I offered last week to make the bread for the “do”. She happily agreed. Hence the reason why I did not have time to blog yesterday evening.

I got home at 7pm and by 11ish had two loaves of white bread made and two flat goats cheese focaccia (I decided it was not the time to experiment with new breads). I had, it appears, seriously under judged the amount of bread required, but mum knew that and so had dusted off her bread maker (cheating?) and made 3 loaves of her own.

This morning, I got up at early o’clock and made my way to my parents to drop off my meagre offering.

I arrived at 7am, it was lovely to spend half an hour sitting with them having some breakfast before tootling off to work. That has not happened since I left home.

Anyhoo, just had a message from Mummy to say everything was gobbled down with my focaccia going first at a rapid rate. Is it wrong to be a teensy bit smug?

Thanks Mum, for everything you do for me, and I am glad I was able to help, albeit in a small way. It cost time and not money. Loaves work out at about 30p each to make yourself.

However, when I arrived there this morning there was a replacement bag of strong white flour waiting for me...Bless Her.

Thank you Mummy, honestly just listening to me helps more than you will ever know.

I have an unexpected free evening tonight, no class, no Chap, no ironing. It's actually a little bit freaky. I am wondering if I might have the necessary time to paint the nails.

Ah but wait, nope there are still radishes (radi?) to be dealt with.

Frugally yours

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